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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Car Jacks and Circular Saws


Car Jacks

It was my typical Tuesday in August. Hotter than hell and muggier than the rain forest. I can't remember if it was morning or early afternoon but I was working when I get a text from my Mom. I believe it was a photo with a caption that said, don't worry he's fine, he has a morphine drip! The photo was my Dad, in a hospital gown, sitting on a hospital gurney with an IV.

What the hell? That morning I clearly remembered my Mom telling me her car had a flat tire. I believe the next words out of my mouth were, you guys are not as young as you once were, please take the car to the professionals to do this. 

Apparently she did not listen, tried to do it herself so my Dad came to help. The car jack slipped and he, what they medically call it, "de-gloved" his arm. I'll keep the photo small for everyones sake. 

Well, thankfully he did not need a skin graft. He was home that day and on pain meds. He was going to make a full recovery. But damn. I did not need that in my life. Especially while pregnant.

Circular Saws

Circular Saws are scary. Anything that automatically moves in a circular motion with an extremely sharp blade is scary and not to mention noisy. 

It was now Thursday at 5:30pm. Just two days after I got that horrific text of my father on the hospital gurney. I was getting ready to leave work for the day and enjoy my wonderful commute home at 29 weeks pregnant when I got the call. 

"I'm in the hospital. I cut my hand really badly with a circular saw. I have to have surgery. I'm going to be here awhile. Don't rush."

EXCUSE ME... DON'T RUSH?!? I was out the door before he said goodbye. Of course the bus took forever to arrive. The commute home was torture. I had to go home to get my care and let the poor puppies out before going to the hospital. I arrived around 8pm. They informed me the Emergency Room was on lock down. They could not let anyone else in. I was like, excuse me, my husband is in there, he is about to go in for surgery, I need to see him. Nope. But I'm pregnant. Nope. 

Around 8:30pm, after I was denied entrance for the 2nd time, I went outside to call my Mom and bawl my eyes out. A lovely nurse came up to me and asked if I was ok. I mean, a very pregnant girl standing outside the ER at night crying like a baby, No! I was not alright! I informed him what was going on, he asked who my husband was. He knew exactly who he was and brought me to him. About 10 minutes later the surgeon came over to introduce himself to us and five minutes after that, he was whisked away for surgery. I got in just in time to say goodbye. 

The surgeon gave me his card with his direct cell number. He also took my number down and said he would call me after the surgery. He told me to go home and get sleep. There was nothing more I could do and he did not want me staying in the waiting room of the hospital. So, I went home, cuddled up with the dogs and tried to sleep. Around 11:30pm, he called, as promised, and gave me an update. He said the thumb was ok but he was worried about the index finger. Everything was damaged.

I asked what time I could come see him in the morning and tried to sleep. Leif was very adamant about me not telling his family. So I obliged. His nurse called me around midnight to let me know his room number and say he was doing well. Around 1am I get a text from his sister. Apparently he called her while trying to get ahold of me. I had all of his personal items so they did not have to lock them up. He had not memorized my number and was very confused and called her. Of course he was drugged up and didn't remember a damn thing. So then, at 1am, I had to go explaining what had happened to his family.  Never again will I not tell them. Oh, I was so mad! 

The next morning I was at the hospital at 7am to drop off bagels, coffee, seltzer, his phone and computer. We spoke with the surgeon who said he would be discharged that evening so I went to work. It was a summer Friday, which means I got to leave work at 1pm. I was able to come home and let the dogs out before picking him up. 

Apparently, while renovating the house, he had a little accident. Thankfully, Tom, our amazing life saving contractor, was here working on the basement and helped Leif get to a firehouse where they rushed him to the hospital. So many people to thank for helping our family out. 

Well, as you all know, if you're keeping up, it is really January 2019, not August, and Leif just got cleared to go back to work. But first, he has to take his 5 week vacation he missed while on medical leave.... You can do the math. However, it has been such a blessing having him home during this important time in our lives. We call it a blessing in disguise.  We are very thankful to the plastic surgeon, his physical therapist and the FDNY for helping us out. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Renovation 101

I had been wanting to renovate our basement since the day we moved in. It was old, ugly, dirty and just plain gross. Leif's answer was always no, it's a basement. Well, I wasn't going to let that fly. I eventually won the battle. We decided to hire a contractor to do the work as Leif did not have time while trying to finish the rest of the house before the baby was born and I was, well, pregnant and couldn't do much of anything anymore. 

During my pregnancy commuting, I met a wonderful friend, who I call my bus friend. Her name is Pat and Pat and I had so much in common it was ridiculous. Anyway, we started sitting next to each other when we were on the same bus. They we decided to try to plan on getting the same bus everyday to finally exchanging numbers and informing each other which bus we got on. This happened after my kidney stone incident and Pat didn't see me for three days. 

Well, one random day when we were riding the bus I asked her if she had a contractor. She not only knew of one, he turned out to be the best guy and life saver. Literally. I'll get to that part later. So in the middle of July, Tom started on our basement renovation. It was a long and slow process, as always. It was fun to come home and see the updated work everyday. Tom has a dog and she came everyday too! 

I think Leif was thankful for not having to finish the basement himself. I literally had a punch list the length of a CVS receipt he was working on. Both guys had a deadline and that deadline was my baby shower. We were having it at our house and as an interior designer, my house was going to be perfect.

I unfortunately forgot to take photos of the basement before however, I do have some after the first week of gutting the place that I would like to share. You get sort of an idea, with that awful blue vinyl tile floor, of what we had to start with. 

Leif's list included the following:

Sunroom Gut and Reno
New Driveway
Backyard Landscaping and Sod
Paint Garage
Install Stair Shade
Install Cabinet Hardware
Paint Kitchen Trim

And many many more little items...

When it's done, it will be awesome. But for now, please do not distract my husband!!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Eric & Guy's Baby Shower

On an extremely hot Saturday, Leif and I drove out to Long Island to celebrate two of my best friends. They were expecting a little girl at the end of September. Our two babies were going to be a month apart! If I was going to go through this experience with anyone, I was so glad it was them! 

The traffic was horrible and I was pregnant and cranky. But, I was so excited to be seeing my friends who moved literally across the country from me. Thank goodness Guy's family is out here so they come back often. 

I listened and came prepared with my bathing suit. I knew I would definitely be using it. How often do you get to go swimming in a pool in NYC? Well, actually, the building the four of us lived in, which is where we met, had a pool. So... But, it was summer and I was pregnant and it was perfect. 

You can tell they were really packing on the pounds during this pregnancy. Wink, wink!

Their cake was a masterpiece. I mean, isn't this the most adorable thing you have ever seen?

 They also had an amazing dessert table. Leif and I grabbed a to go bag, literally, to take home with us. We knew the traffic was going to suck, so why not make it a little sweeter!

It was so good to see my friends. I can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kidney Stones

Did you know Kidney Stones were common with pregnancy? Yea, I didn't either. Until now.

The week after I got back from Nashville, that Monday, I had my 21 week ultrasound. Everything seemed fine and dandy except for the fact that all of the sudden while I was in the waiting room waiting for my appointment, I realized I had to pee. Then before I went in for the appointment I had to pee again. After the 20 minute appointment I had to pee a third time. As my doctors appointment was on the opposite end of the island, by the time we got halfway to the ferry, I had to pee again. We stopped at Leif's brothers house. When I got to the ferry terminal I peed again. I peed on the ferry. I peed when I got to work. Do you see where I'm going with this? 

I thought this was a symptom of pregnancy. A very common symptom at that. Therefore I didn't think anything of it. Well, I had a long commute home, on a bus, that doesn't have a bathroom, and is on a highway for 70% of the time with no where for me to get off. Therefore, I did the stupid thing of not drinking any water. I thought hey, I keep peeing, so I must be ok. 

I drank some water when I got home however, in the morning, I had that awful commute again. When I got to work I started to drink some water and I noticed that the feeling of having to pee was getting worse. I would literally pee, stand up and feel like I had to pee again. Then I felt like I had to pee all the time. It was horrible!

I had dinner with my old colleagues from MAC II that evening and did not want to cancel. I stopped drinking water and headed from Tribeca to the Upper East Side. We sat down and had a lovely dinner. In the two hours we were there, I had to pee about 6 times.  As half of my old colleagues were a bit older, they kept joking how I'm not supposed to have this issue until I turn their age! I told Randi, if this is what pregnancy is going to continue to be like, I don't know if I can finish this! She then proceeded to tell me about this horrible kidney stone epidemic she had the day before flying to India for two weeks. TWO WEEKS IN INDIA WITH KIDNEY STONES?!?!?! KILL ME NOW. Thankfully she passed it the night before leaving. However, I was still sitting there absolutely miserable. Finally, during dessert, I had to pee again. Now I knew something was wrong because I NEVER miss dessert. This time, after I stood up, I started to feel sick, hot and uncomfortable. I went outside and told the gang I had to leave. 

They insisted someone left with me and got me home, or at least helped me in some way. But, I said no and left as quickly as possible. I got into a cab immediately and told Leif something was seriously wrong. Then I called my Mom... the only thing that did was freak her the f**k out! Miraculously this was the first and only time that I can remember in our relationship that Leif and I were both in Manhattan, after work, at the same time. He was working at the MET Opera and I was trying to enjoy dinner with friends.  

I said, Leif, I'm heading to the MET. I need you to come out. I was laying down rolling around in the back of the cab trying to find a comfortable position but nothing was helping. We made it to Lincoln Center and I managed to pay and roll out onto the side walk when I saw Leif running my way all decked out in his tuxedo. He asked me if we should go to the hospital and I said yes. He asked if I could walk five blocks and I said no. 

I guess it was my lucky night because there just so happened to be an ambulance parked out front of Lincoln Center. I guess it kind of makes sense. The opera tends to attract the older crowd...

Anyway, we hopped in, they asked too many questions which I was extremely happy and proud to know my husband knew all the answers to.  Thank goodness because I was in no shape to answer. I was 21 weeks pregnant and something was seriously wrong!

Two minutes later, and I am not joking about that, we pulled up to Mount Sinai West and they brought me up to the Emergency Triage. From there they basically made me change into a robe, pee into a cup and strapped all of these electronic devises to my belly to make sure the baby was ok. I could have told you right there the baby was fine because he was having a serious party in my belly!  

I felt horrible. The pain was so immensely intense they decided to give me morphine. Before they were able to, they had to make sure everything was alright with the baby. During that time, I vomited my little heart out. I had not puked since Freshman year of college when I had mono. I don't puke. This is when I knew something was really wrong!

I felt a little better after that but still decided to take the morphine. They had called for an ultrasound and MRI. I asked the on call doctor what she thought it was and her first response was kidney stones. Excuse me...Wasn't Randi just tell me about her kidney stone fiasco? This could not be happening to me. I had never had kidney stones before. Then she said, Kidney Stones are fairly common with pregnancy...

As we had no idea when I was going to get an Ultrasound or MRI, Leif decided to head home to let our poor doggies out as we knew it was going to be a few hours for myself. There was literally nothing left he could do.  Around 2:30am they informed me that I would have to get my tests in the morning and they were going to admit me for the night.  Around 3:30am, I was moved to my room, given some antibiotics and told to sleep. 

Around 6am I woke up. Yay, 2.5 hours of sleep. I knew the only person who would be awake at that time was Aunt Nancy. She was very glad to hear from me as well. We chatted for a bit until the nurse came in and told me they were getting ready to take me to get an ultra sound. She also handed me a strainer and told me I had to pee into the strainer. Well, I knew right then the doctors diagnosis from the night before was correct. There was definitely "gravel" as they call it in my strainer. The pain had gone. They kept me on fluids and I was discharged that evening around 6pm. 

I had to stay home from work the rest of the week. On Friday I had my normal doctors appointment. They were to give me the all clear to go back to work that following Monday. I was cleared and told to keep hydrated or else it could happen again. There was no way in hell I was letting that happen again. 

The first thing I did after my doctors appointment was buy panty liners just in case I had any accidents on the bus with my new plan to drink myself to death.