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Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Bennett Takes NYC

The entire family came to New York City for Thanksgiving this year! 
Talk about full house! Or should I say full apartment! They arrived on
Thanksgiving day. Sara and I were busy cooking when they arrived. 
Jesse and Nick were hosting Thanksgiving due to the lack of baby
proofing of my apartment. Theirs was already secure and safe for a
crawling kid on the move. The family each grabbed an important side 
dish and we walked over to celebrate with our friends and family!

Jesse and Nick were responsible for the turkey, stuffing and gravy.
Sara and I made the Meatball Shop's Gobble Gobble balls and Pork
balls. We also made mashed potatoes, Jennie's families green bean
casserole, corn souffle, brussels sprouts, a side salad, cranberry sauce,
and some biscuits. I also had a pumpkin cheesecake ordered from 
The Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Prince Street. My favorite bakery!
And, last but not the very least, Vesco Ridge Vineyards supplied the
fantastic wine. I'm pretty sure we went through more wine than food.
But that isn't a surprise is it?

Friday morning we ate breakfast and headed uptown, Grandpa had one 
dream, to take Bennett to FAO Schwartz. The little dude took a nice nap
on the subway. Could you ask for more perfect timing? 

When he woke up, he was ready to rock and roll!

You cannot go to FAO Schwartz without first stopping and taking a family
photo in front of the Apple store cube. Did I mention Oliver came along too?

FAO Schwartz was insane! Oliver found the perfect ride and
Bennett was trying to take everything in. Pool little Oliver, there
were so many strollers and kiddie feet, he would have been flattened.

We even made a pit stop by Rockefeller Plaza to get a family
photo in front of the tree! That tongue made another appearance.

And one more...

After our big outing, everyone went home for naps and then we headed back out
for an early dinner at our favorite pizza spot, Rubirosa. Bennett very much enjoyed
the evening as you can tell. We stuffed ourselves silly with pasta, pizza, salad
and wine! 

The little guy passed out on the way home. Looks like he is dreaming
sweet thoughts of his awesome day! Someone really did NYC right!

The next day, we hung around the house all day relaxing and spending
time with the family. Bennett was in a great mood.

Until I told him he was leaving the next day....

Then I got that look. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! XO

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TAKASHI MURAKAMI: Land of the Dead

Last weekend Sara sent me a Huffington Post article about an art exhibit at the 
Gagosian Gallery she was interested in seeing. This exhibit, on display at the 
Gagosian's Chelsea location, is Takashi Murakami's Land of the Dead. The exhibit
was busy with all kinds of people; Tourists, locals, art enthusiasts, randoms who just 
happened to pass by, and then us, the 30 something year old designers, living in 
New York their whole career who just love interesting and weird art that
grabs our attention. And, weird it was! First of all, the name of the exhibit is
In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow...need I say more?

The colorful art depicted more of the rainbow than the dead however, if you look
closely, the dead definitely made their appearance. We walked around slowly more
curious with how how Murakami created his masterpieces. They really were impressive
and I'm not just talking about the size of the installations. The detail within the pieces
was immaculate. There was no way your eye could catch everything unless you spent
the entire day dissecting each and every section. 

Upon entering, you pass through the "Gates" to the "Land of the Dead," the enormous
black skull staring at you the entire time. At this moment, you are not sure what to 
think of this odd work, until you turn the corner and see the size of the canvas. It 
stretches the entire width of the room and ends with two large sculptures, the guards
to the gates. You better be careful. They're watching you! 

 You name it, it was there. In some random corner, at the very bottom, in a color you had
never seen before, there it was, like a pin in a haystack. Dogs, cats, ships, people, rodents,
sea creatures, fairy tale characters, the imagination is endless. 

The piece grew more impressive as materials were added. Some of my favorites were 
the gold and silver impregnated with tiny skulls which acted as the backdrop for most 
canvases. Once again, the process and technique analyzed our entire visit. It only became
 more and more intriguing the further we entered this insane world.  

I was so enamored with one piece, I was in a completely different world and
did not awaken until I realized that annoying guard was snapping at me. I guess
I crossed "the line." I sit here wondering, when can I revisit that world again?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Westchester Weekend

A few weekends ago, we headed upstate on this beautiful cold fall day. We really had
no idea where we were going but North. We had a few places in mind which I had heard
from friends who had visited. We started the drive assuming we would take the dogs 
hiking. But, when we realized I didn't have the right shoes, our plans quickly changed.
In my defense, they were at his house and I thought we were going there before heading
out. We recovered from this little mishap and decided on Sleep Hollow, NY.  Neither
of us had ever been and it sounded like a perfect place to visit in the fall. We stopped 
along the way in New Jersey to catch this view. 

Sleepy Hollow, a small quaint town, was cute. We drove down what we think was
the main street surrounded by shops, restaurants, grocery stores and people out and
about. We headed to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, not knowing if dogs were allowed or
not, and were lucky to see signs which noted dogs must be leashed at all times.
We spent a good amount of time exploring the interesting yet beautiful grave yard.
The tress definitely had something to do with the beautiful aspect of it.

After the cemetery, we headed West to Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, 
a non-profit farm and educational center  founded by David Rockefeller with a 
partner restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which is located in Pocantico Hills, 
New York. The restaurant, $200 a head with a $138.00 wine paring options, is only
open in the evenings and difficult to get a reservation. Thankfully, they still had 
a little cafe open for us to get some lunch. We sat outside in the courtyard with
the dogs and enjoyed our delicious lunch before heading out and about on the farm.

Lucky had a blast. I think the turkeys were just as interested in her as she was them.
She had more fun than all of us. The weather did not bother her one bit!

We walked around the 80 acre farm ending at the beautiful barns which has now
been turned into a high end restaurant, cafe, offices, storage, gift shop, reception
room and many more we could not see. The place was simply stunning. The only
thing that could have made it better was the weather. Warmer would have been

I hope to someday have dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. This might be a
dinner with the parents. But a very special one at that. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nashween OR Halloville

Halloween day I flew down to Nashville to visit my little Nephew. My parents
also flew in the day before so it was a family filled weekend! Oliver came too!
I spent all Saturday morning playing with this little dude. We had fun! 

Then we went to our first brunch as one big happy family! Bennett was a rockstar!
Everyone loved him, obviously. But mostly it was because he was such a good boy.
We went to Marche Artisan Foods which is located in East Nashville. The menu
was amazing. We loved everything so much we had to get a french toast for
the table to share. 

I mean.....

After brunch, we went and did a little shopping for the girls and then we laid
around all afternoon until dinner. Bennett was a little Oliver stalker and was
so interested in him. Can you tell?

Oliver was a trooper and put up with all the hair, tail and ear grabs. 

Eventually they bonded!

That evening Travis joined us for dinner at Rolf & Daughters. Our current
favorite Nashville spot! Dinner was delicious. We were a little disappointed 
in some of the entree sizes however, we all left full!

Sunday morning we went to breakfast with our cousin Liz and her husband. 
My two friends from NYC were also in town for a wedding so they joined
us. It was a big family affair and once again, Bennett was awesome. After
showing Eric and Guy a little around Nashville, and a quick stop at Jenni's
Ice Cream, we went hung out with this dude before our flights back
to the Big Apple. 

I'm pretty sure Bennett enjoyed all of the silly entertainment!

After all, he is a ladies man!

In two weeks, the family will get together again to celebrate Thanksgiving
in THE BIG APPLE! Yes, this little dude is making his NYC debut! I can't wait!