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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Staten Island: Daddy O's BBQ

Who wears a white Vince long sleeve shirt to a BBQ joint and walks away as clean
as she walked in? This girl! I might have cheated a little but, whatever works, right! 

Sunday night we headed to a new BBQ spot called Daddy O's in the old Boondocks in 
Staten Island. On our drive there I was entertained by mischievous boyhood stories of 
growing up on Staten Island and what this area used to be like 30 years ago. This 
included a detailed description of what the strip club, which now houses this BBQ 
restaurant and sports bar, used to look like. I did not venture to ask many questions. 
What happens in the past can stay in the past for all I care. 

We arrived and sat at the bar for a drink while we waited for our table. We decided it
was a good idea to look over the menu and prepare are orders for when we were 
seated. Leif gave Louis and I the upper hand in ordering. This was a big challenge
as the menu was two sided, huge and way too many options for my brain to handle
while this hungry. If it was up to me, I would have gone for the mac and cheese 
burger with a side of mac and cheese...wait... yeah, that is probably accurate. 

We were finally seated at our table and I immediately joked I would need a bib.
The server said we have bibs and I made sure to know at this point I was not 
joking anymore and actually needed one. A minute later he came back with three
I Heart Ribs bibs! With my luck, I would have destroyed that shirt. It was very
stupid of me to wear it in the first place. 

Louis and I decided on the feast for four. This included brisket, ribs, rib tips, sausage,
chicken, pulled pork, corn on the cob, french fries, corn bread, and sweet potato tots. 
And because we cycled 43 miles the day before, an order of the mac and cheese was
necessary. Once the food arrived, I'm not sure we thought any of it was actually 
necessary anymore....

This intense pile of meat and carbs was placed before us. All we could do was laugh,
take photos and finally, dig in! 

Which is exactly what we did, dig in! Everything was delicious but my favorite
was definitely the corn bread. Best corn bread to date! Of course this girl picks
a non meat dish as her favorite. The ribs and pulled pork had to be my favorite
out of all the meat options. 

Of course we made a dent, however, we had dinner for the next 4 nights left
on that plate. Each of us were luck enough to bring home a doggy bag. I might
or might not have eaten that piece of corn bread for breakfast!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Europe Escape 2014

In just a couple of weeks I will be headed back to Europe. It has been three years since 
I have been across the pond and I am due for another adventure. This time, two special 
guests will be tagging along. Those two guests are none other than my Mom and Aunt 
Nancy. This brings back memories of when I was visiting Florence solo and  two sisters 
invited me to join them for dinner. Those sisters reminded me so much of my Mom and 
Nancy.  Now, I can have that same experience but with the real Mom and Nan! 

Counting down the days until...

Brussels, Belgium 

Prague, Czech Republic 

Vienna, Austria

Budapest, Hungary

Rockaway Beach: Surfing & Film Festival

I have no fun photos but, I do have the memories and sore muscles to prove
I had such a blast last weekend surfing for the first time since summer school 
in Hawaii in 2003. Sara invited me out to Rockaway Beach, her weekend spot
this summer. She has been taking surfing lessons every weekend at 67th Street

We rented boards for $10 an hour from Breakwater Surf Co. and spent two
hours enjoying the sun and water fun. I was definitely rusty for the first hour
or so and Sara was kicking my butt. However, I managed to hang in there and
spent the last hour doing much better than I had planned. The two hours went
by so quickly we were almost not ready to give up our boards!

After surfing we walked the boardwalk, or what is left of it, to Beach 96th Street
and scoured the concessions to decide what sounded perfect after two hours of
surfing. We all decided on Bolivian Llama Party for pulled pork sandwiches. 
We were lucky to grab a perfect table in the shade, still on the deck and enjoy
lunch and some drinks. After lunch we headed to Playhouse for some more 
Around 7pm we headed to Rockaway  Beach Surf Club for the Women

The festival featured six films, with Frankee being my favorite. You can actually
check the films out online. The links are below each of the descriptions.


Film Makers: Crystal Thornburg-Homcy & David Homcy

The full-length film features Ishita Malaviya, India's first female surfer, who is joined by a unique and talented group of women – CrystalThornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. With unshakable determination for a better world they traveled through Southern India documenting the ways in which surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for local people and the Planet.


Film Maker: Nathan Oldfield

A short film by filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, featuring Patagonia Ambassador Belinda Baggs, in NSW Australia, riding a surfboard designed in 1968 by fellow Patagonia Ambassador Wayne Lynch. This design came to Wayne in a dream and he called it the Involvement Model. It became the one board quiver that he rode around the world. Nearly 45 years later, Belinda explores what riding that surfboard feels like.


Film Maker: Taylor Larison
Say No More, a full-length film, highlights the talents of some of Southern California’s elite team of female shredders: Stephanie Vigiano, Karina Rozunko, Tory Gilkerson, Erin Ashley, Lindsay Steinriede Engle, and Makala Smith.  Delivering groundbreaking carves and long nose rides with a message that transcends well beyond the lineup, the film shows strength, style and grace in the water elevating women’s surfing to fantastic new heights.


Film Maker: Hayley Gordon
A short film, by filmmaker Hayley Gordon shot in southern California depicting friends doing what they do best, surf, skate and party. It’s a great snap shot of what happens when the swell doesn’t come in consistently, featuring Taylor Beatty, Sara Taylor, Jenna Balester, Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres, Erin Ashley (Worm), Ornella Pellizzari and more..   


Film Maker: Morgan Maaseen
Frankie are two short films shot by Morgan Maaseen, a Californian-based photographer and filmmaker with additional footage courtesy of Erik Knutson. Catch a glimpse of Frankie Harrer, 16 year old surfer at Teahupoo and Hawaii last year, wave riding with such grace and such poise.

Photo: Chrissy Swain


In honor of our special guest, Mary Schmader, we will feature a short by Davina Grincevicius, shot in Puerto Rico highlighting the energy and talents of Mary Schmader, a soul surfer from North Carolina.  

Madison Square Garden: Dan + Shay

My brother played Madison Square Garden. The. End. 

I guess I can elaborate a little more than that. 

This kid....


And, we could not be more excited to be there to see it! I just wish the rest
of the Skib clan could have been there too! 

It was seriously amazing seeing him on that stage. My first and only other 
concert at MSG was Muse. That was cool. But this, this was so much
better than that!

Oh yeah, Blake Shelton played too. 


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