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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brunch, Bluegrass and Bloody Mary's

I experienced Brooklyn on Sunday more than I ever have before. Brooklyn 
Heights is beautiful and quite with a great view of Manhattan. Maybe for 
me in 15-20 years.

We spent most of the afternoon in Dumbo. It was misting and grey. About 
your average Spring day. That still didn't ruin it for us. Dumbo is a great artsy 
little area with run down buildings with great bones and architectural 
detail, cobble stone roads, and great views of Manhattan. After close to 
100 photographs of a wall full of graffiti we found our self sitting in this 
adorable restaurant, Superfine. Brunch, Bluegrass and Bloody Mary's make 
for a wonderful day. No table and chair matched, the breakfast burrito was 
delicious and enormous, the aura and atmosphere were happy. The place 
was just Superfun!

We ended up in Fort Green where we hopped into a cab and headed to 
Williamsburg. An ex-coworker and current coworker gave me great 
recommendations of places to visit. We totally saw the struggling musician 
vibe flowing around the streets.

All in all, Dumbo was our favorite and I hope to go back to discover and 
photograph more of the area soon.

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