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Monday, March 30, 2009

An Icelandic and Hiro

For someone who has been around live music, pretty much her whole life, 
I find it very disturbing I have only been to a handful of concerts since I have
 moved to New York City. In three years I have seen Cary Brothers, George 
Stanford, She Wants Revenge, Uh Huh Her, Eagles of death metal, Graham 
Colton, and Phil Marshall. Two of those artists I actually know from Tulsa.

Well, this past Friday night I went and saw Emiliana Torrini at Hiro Ballroom. 
Ironically enough Hiro Ballroom is located in the Meat Packing district 
and Emiliana Torrini is a vegan. After 7 months of working kitty-corner from 
the Meritime Hotel ,where Hiro Ballroom is located, and recommending 
"guests" to the night club, yes I said night club, I had never been there. My 
musically and artistically talented friend, Brittany, was in town and got 
tickets. Thank you so much Britt.

It is always great to have someone to go to shows with and to find out 
about shows. I highly recommend Emiliana Torrini. Her voice was pure and 
beautiful. She had a short story which helped explain the songs and lyrics. 
They were actually quite funny. It also helped that she had an 
Icelandic accent.

There were some quite interesting fans. Brittany was about to report one guy, 
who at any second we were not sure if he was going to jump on her or 
well, never mind.... He was a tad bit obsessive. There was also a young girl, 
about 6-9 years old, in the "21 with ID" show. If I have a kid she better be as 
chill as this one. Standing front row, eyes closed and singing every song.

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