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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grey Gardens

During an outing with my boss the other day, she began to tell me about her 
weekend in the Hamptons. It included a screening of the HBO movie Grey 
Gardens and a tour of the actual home.

While on the subway this morning a got a little sneak peek of the 
New York Times Home & Garden section from the woman sitting to my left. 
Low and behold there it was, Grey Gardens of today.

"LIMELIGHT, at least the reflected kind, is again shining on Grey Gardens, 
a 10-bedroom 1897 house near Georgica Pond here. Thirty-four years 
after its former residents, Edith Bouvier Beale, known as Big Edie, and 
her namesake daughter, who was called Little Edie, were introduced to the 
world in the Maysles brothers’ classic documentary, and three years after their 
life in the tumbledown raccoon-infested mansion on a wildly overgrown lot 
became the basis of a Broadway musical, HBO is rolling out a feature-length 
movie about them, also called “Grey Gardens,” this weekend."

"The two Edies have become famous for the way they lived at Grey 
Gardens — the squalor of their home was especially striking given that 
Big Edie was an aunt and Little Edie a first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy 
Onassis — and they will soon be even better known after being 
portrayed by Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore in the HBO film."

"The house’s current owners, who restored it after buying it from Little Edie 
in 1979, are celebrities themselves: Sally Quinn, the writer and Washington 
hostess, and her husband, Benjamin C. Bradlee, the former editor of The 
Washington Post. The couple have taken up residence at Grey Gardens every 
summer for decades, and have used it to entertain friends like Lauren Bacall 
and Norman Lear."

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