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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Social Table

My coworkers have been planning a private cooking class for fun and 
entertainment for the past month. I, unfortunately, could not afford the class 
and did not put too much thought into it after I turned down their offer. 
I did not want to get sad thinking about being left out.

Well, after a visit home to Tulsa, a case of tonsillitis and two days back at 
work, they came to me with a desperate offer for another person. I 
accepted before asking two very important questions. One, when? Two, 
what is on the menu? Well, turns out it was that night, therefore I had 
to cancel my studio cycling class, and fish was the main course along 
with a side of brussel sprouts. Classic was the term to used to describe my 
face after I already accepted and found out the answers. If any of you didn't 
know, the only thing I don't eat is seafood and a small, ok maybe medium, 
variety of others which include brussel sprouts.

So at 6:00pm , a late work day for me, we stopped by our local wine 
shop, Bottle & Soul, to pick a few wines recommended by our chef and 
headed over to Hells Kitchen. The Social Table is located on 51st Street 
just west of Eight Avenue.

Joining our little MAC II party was Susie's friend, Ildiko and Jennifer's 
friend ,Karim (the only boy) to make a total of six inspiring chefs. All I can 
say is we had one hell of a time. I am so glad they convinced me to go. 
It was such a great experience with great friends. Rebecca, our fantastic chef, 
definitely did most of the work while we drank wines from all over the 
country and chatted away. I know now why it is called The Social Table. But, 
I did learn some very interesting things like how to hold a knife correctly, 
how to chop like they do on the Cooking Channel, what a fennel is... You 
get my drift. After a short conversation overheard by Rebecca I was fortunate 
enough not to have fish as my main course but chicken with a wine lemon 
sauce. She let me pound the chicken (see picture below).
P.S. I very much enjoyed the brussel sprouts!

Here was our awesome menu, chosen by my lovely coworkers Erin, 
Jennifer and Susie:


Roasted Sea Bass with Fennel, Leeks and Tomatoes
Artichokes Stuffed with Ricotta & Walnuts
Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Shallots
Bread Pudding

As always classes are BYOB and we encourage you to bring your beverage of 
choice. If you are looking for some guidance we suggest:
* South American Chardonnay
* California Sauvignon Blanc
* Pinot Noir
* Central Coast Syrah

I will post the recepies as soon as I get them. Enjoy the pictures!

The Girls (Ildiko, Me, Susie, Erin and Jennifer).

Jennifer double tasking.

Susie and Erin showing much excitement about cooking.

Me, Susie and Erin taking a break from cooking for a mini photo shoot.

The girls stuffing the "Chokes."

Ildiko and me waiting for the next step.

Pounding my chicken!

Erin showing her love for fish.

The boy, Karim, got to do the fishy work.

Our awesome chef Rebecca showing Karim how to prep the fish.

The "apparently fantastic fish" before the oven.

Need something fun to do on a week night, plan the perfect date or just 
have a girls night? You now know where to go! 

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