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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The World Through My Eyes

Hopefully, everyone already knows about my love for interior design and 
architecture but, not everyone might know about my other love, photography.

Clearly, you must not be paying the slightest bit of attention if you did not 
know this huge secret about me, given the fact that I have taken every 
photograph on this blog (besides the few NY times articles and some random 
photos while passing the camera back and forth during my crazy and wild 
excursions with friends). Not to mention, the many times my friends tell me 
to get the camera out of their face. Seems pretty annoying right? I bet you 
didn't know the next day they call me until I email them the pictures. 
I know they secretly love it.

I have always loved photography and have been taking photos for years. I 
even had my disposable camera photos, yes those were the days, creatively 
displayed in a checkerboard pattern on my high school bedroom walls. 
Yes, genius I was.

Sadly, I chipped away a lot of paint from those walls, as my parents have 
now moved, and those memories are now piled into a large plastic bin, 
which my parents have graciously allowed me to keep in their Kool Storage 
unit. Thanks Mom and Dad. Someday I promise to get them out.

Approximately, I say this because ever since I have moved to New York time 
and dates seem to bleed together, five years ago I received a Christmakkah 
(thank you Seth Cohen and the marathon of The OC I watched all weekend) 
present that changed my life, a Canon Rebel along with two lenses and an 
HP Photo Printer. My Dad has created a little monster. 
A cute little monster might I add.

After four years of shooting with Tamron lenses, I have recently become the 
owner of my very first Canon lens which was given to me by a friend. 
Thank you Shannon!

I love photographing everything from architecture to live bands and I 
love meeting people who can teach me something new. I hope to someday 
acquire a tripod and a wide angle lens, heads up for anyone thinking about
 the next holiday. So, keep coming back because I am pretty sure this blog 
will turn into nothing more than a website display of my photography. 
I hope you enjoy!

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  1. It's very gracious to capture the world's beauty that everyone else may see it. Don't stop.