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Monday, April 13, 2009

You're Invited...

Because I love to do creative things, I usually have no problem helping a friend out 
with they need something creative done. Invitations and cards are one of my favorite 
things to do. Here are some of the invitations and cards I have done for friends. Let me 
know if you would like me to design an invitation or card for you!

Birthday card for my good friends sons first birthday.

Baby shower invitation I made for a good friends sisters shower.

Front cover of a Bachelorette Party invitation.
(The cover is cut right down the middle and tied with a pink bow to look
like part of the corset).

Inside of the Bachelorette party invitation.

Insert to the Bachelorette Party invitation.

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  1. I recognize that adorable invitation! :) Toooo cute!! I love the other ones on here too!