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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

26 at Delicatessen

Delicatessen is located at 54 Prince Street at Lafayette.

My first experience here was not a good one. The service was horrible,
we sat outside on a slanted sidewalk and the food was not great. I decided
to give it another try. Craig and I went to dinner there about three weeks
before his birthday. The topic of conversation throughout the entire
meal was Craig trying to decide where he wanted to have his birthday
party this year. After of shooting off ideas and getting turned down I finally
got sick of the conversation and decided to make a quick stop at the
bathroom before heading out. Low and behold look what I discovered...

The stairs leading down to the Courtyard

The Courtyard
I came back from the bathroom with a huge grin on my face and casually 
said to Craig "I think I found where you should have your birthday party!" 
He sarcastically answered "What in the bathroom?" After a quick tour of the 
room we both decided that the "Mini Bar" was the perfect location.

Mini Bar

Gil, Alex, Me and Craig (The Birthday Boy)

Me and the Birthday Boy!

Me and Sara

Sara and Craig

I have been to Delicatessen three times now and have enjoyed myself much
more than I did the first time. Craig and I usually split appetizers and a salad
which makes the meal much cheaper. Since the weather is getting nicer,
sitting outside on a non slanted sidewalk is one of my favorite things to do.
  Delicatessen is great for brunch, lunch, dinner and after hours in the
mini bar and courtyard! Check it out!

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