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Friday, May 1, 2009

Baked By Melissa

Now, thanks to blogging about Kookaburra, I am craving sweets. So, I thought 
it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the cutest and most fascinating 
teeny tiny cupcakes from Baked By Melissa.

These mouth watering little pieces of heaven are one of the cutest ideas. 
Also, one of my favorite guilty pleasure snacks. They are so adorable I am 
bringing them to my good friend, Craig's, birthday party tomorrow night 
at Delicatessen!

Craig and his Birthday cupcakes!

Out of the seven flavors Tie-Dye and red velvet are my favorite. As I have explained 
in the previous blog, I am not that into chocolate. Therefore, I prefer the less 
chocolaty flavors. Although, I do have to say the Cookies & Cream is also a fav. 
But what isn't good when an Oreo's is involved? After all, it is milks favorite cookie! 
I was hesitant on the Peanut Butter and Jelly but decided to try it. I wish it was 
more jellified. A little too much peanut butter for me. I have not tried the Cookie
Dough yet but I am very excited to get my fingers on one soon.

It just so happens these guilty little pleasures of mine are located within a 4 block 
walking distance from my apartment. Even worse, one block from my gym! Northwest 
corner of Spring and Broadway. Go check it out now and enjoy one of my 
guilty little pleasures!

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