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Monday, May 18, 2009


May 16th - 19th at the Jacob K. Javits Center is the
International Contemporary Furniture Fair also known as ICFF.

Now, this year I did not, as of yet, get the chance to make it out to ICFF. As everyone 
in Manhattan knows, the Javits Center is not in the most reasonable location and only 
accessible by foot unless you want to take an expensive taxi ride which I can simply 
not afford. I went to ICFF two years ago. It was a great experience. A lot of very 
cool innovative pieces that I would love to someday use. I happen to love contemporary 
furniture. At my current job, contemporary furniture is rarely used unless it is an 
antique piece from a very famous and most likely deceased artist.

Last night, after painting a bulletin board in the home office of the old House & 
Garden editor, my lovely French friend ,Alex, invited Craig and me to visit her at the 
gallery party her boyfriend, Alex, was working at for ICFF. If you are not aware, most 
vendors have parties during ICFF. If you wanted to you could start uptown and 
work your way downtown until midnight snacking, drinking, networking and 
socializing for free.

Alex is working a booth at ICFF for a French magazine, Intramuros (website coming soon). 
Intramuros is an international design magazine and although I would love to tell you more 
about it, it happens to be in French: A language I would love to learn but quite not had
 the time. At the gallery the furniture designer on the cover was there along with some 
of the pieces from his line. Very cool pieces that were made for multiple use.
 I will post some pictures with more information on the designer.

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