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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love San Diego

I went on a mini vacation this past weekend to my birth city, San Diego, CA. Besides the fact the weather sucked, pretty funny huh, and I didn't get to go to the beach, I had a fabulous time with my family and close family friends. We definitely went down memory lane as you can see below.
My first house in Del Mar, CA.

The back of my first house!

13655 Mira Montana Drive

The satellite image of my first house!
Our second house in Del Mar which is literally located down the street and around the corner on Mango Drive.

The day I got into town my parents picked me up from the airport and we went straight to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Alfonso's. We met my brother, Jennie and Neal who were already seated and chowing down on chips and salsa. Everything was delicious. So delicious we had to go back with friends on Saturday Night.

I highly recommend the small nachos. As my parents say, "It's has to be the small because there is equal amount of goodness to chips. If you get the large there are way too many chips left over."

My parents took me here when I was four days old and stuck me under the table to sleep. I slept the whole time. I was a good baby.

My family!

Me and Neal. It was his first time at Alfonso's but he has heard all about it!

Andy and Dad

Jennie + Andy =Goofballs

Our other favorite spot is the Pannikin! It seems every morning we would stop at the Pannikin and grab some scones for Mom and Dad, a blueberry muffin for Andy and a cheese danish for me. Oh that cheese danish was so good I can almost taste it right now. I even dreamt about them the days before my trip. Turns out I didn't even get one until the day we left.

We went to the Pannikin in La Jolla on Saturday morning for breakfast and guess what they didn't have...yeah you guessed it, cheese danishes. My Dad gave me a hard time after I was upset and then to his astonishment they didn't have sconces either. Haha, now you know what it feels like. You might ask what what feels like. That what is disappointment.

So, my awesome Mom took me to the Pannikin in Del Mar, the original Pannikin we went to when we lived there. We dropped Dad off at Harry's on the way to watch the US Open. Guess what?!? They didn't have a cheese danish either. By this point I was beginning to think this trip sucked. No beach and now no cheese danish.

The next morning, Father's Day, my Dad woke me up bright and early to see if I wanted to go to the Pannikin with him and get some coffee and a cheese danish. I was sound asleep and think I said no because when I woke up he was gone. When he came back I was totally stoked (using a little CA lingo there) and he said they didn't have a cheese danish and got me an apple danish. I was totally bummed, another use of the CA lingo. After that he pulled out a cheese danish and said he drove around all La Jolla until he found me one. I almost cried. That was the sweetest thing. I love you Dad! I hope you had a great Father's Day.

After my amazing cheese danish and the blueberry scone and the blueberry bran muffin and ...haha no that was it, seriously, we went to the beach.

My parents and me on Father's Day at Harry's house which over looks the Ocean at Bird Rock in La Jolla.

At a beach in La Jolla on Father's Day.

Me and my beautiful Mom.
Me and my amazing Dad. Happy Father's Day!

My footprints!

My Mom's footprints!

Andy could not be there with us :(

On the way to the airport we had to stop at my parents other favorite Mexican Restaurant, Roberto's! You would think we would have been sick of Mexican food by this time. (Mexican food Thursday for lunch, Thursday for dinner, Saturday for dinner, Sunday for lunch). But we wern't.

After one order of Rolled Tacos, two Carne Asada Burritos, and one Chicken Taco we were good to go for about six months.

Roberto's at Mission Beach!

Rolled Tacos!

I had four very sucessful eating days in San Deigo. I also had a double double and a single cheese burger and french friends from In and Out burger and an M&M Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at Sea World.

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