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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MIX Exhibition

During my vacation to San Diego, and in between eating, my parents and I stopped and checked out the Contemporary Art Museum San Diego. It was requested to us by the owner of the fantastic home we so graciously stayed in (I made sure my name was put into the will).
The exhibition currently on display was the MIX: Nine San Diego Architects & Designers. Harry, our gracious host, knew this would probably be right up my alley and suggested to my parents that I might like it. Oh yes, he was correct.
All of the architecture was very contemporary, which I love and would definitely be the style of my future home...someday. All of the installations were incredible. What was also very incredible was the model displays in each installation. They were not the good ole foam core college day models but models made with the actual materials, or at least close enough to.
Below is the exhibition brochure which tells a little about each architect.

The San Diego Union-Tribune Article: Architecture as art makes for constructive 'Mix'
I fell in love with one particular Architecture firm, Sebastian Mariscal Architecture. I was attracted to everything about their firm from their amazing installation, to their website. One of my favorite details about their installation was the display of the actual materials used besides each project. The pictures were great but to be able to touch and see the materials made it that much better.
I was drawn to the style of their designs. One interesting observation, my Dad and I made, was that each home was so different yet so much alike. It almost seemed that each project was done by a different architecture firm with similar style. Nothing was too much a like. There were different materials from stones and woods to concrete and metals on each peoject. I think I have definitely found an Architect for my future home.
Here are some pictures from their Installation at the Contemporary Museum of Art San Diego.

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