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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

VRV: Vesco Ridge Vineyards


Last week my Mom was upstate, West Chazy, visiting. So, half way through 
the week I decided it was just not fair that my Mom was in the same state 
as me but, I couldn't see her. After a lot of debating and negotiating the 
decision was made. I was going upstate too. My Mom was visiting for one 
reason, to help Uncle Dan plant his grape vines. Therefore my visiting 
made me a candidate as well.

We woke up early Saturday morning, dressed in our old very attractive clothes 
and were ready to plant. Aunt Nancy, Uncle Dan, my Mom and I were the 
first to get started. The planting party didn't start until 10:00am. We 
gathered up our supplies, tractor, shovels, grape vines, etc. and headed 
off to the vineyard. Aunt Nancy and I were in charge of filling up the lawn 
mower bed with dirt to bring up the hill for Uncle Dan and Mom to plant.

After the second round it started lightly sprinkling. Aunt Nancy and I 
headed into the shed for a second only to see Mom and Uncle Dan running 
in after us. Exactly the same time they hit the shelter it started to pour 
followed by hail. This was also the second I remembered I had left my camera 
in the cup holder of the lawn mower. Woopsie! Yes, a big woopsie! But my 
awesome and coolest Uncle Dan ran out into the hail storm and retrieved my 
camera. He saved the day! The best part was it still worked.

This is the third season Uncle Dan has planted grape vines. I do believe my 
Mom has been there for everyone of those years to help. This year we 
planted 175 vines. It only took two hours and eight people. After we 
celebrated with some of Uncle Dan's wine, McSweeney's and chocolate cake! 
Here are some pictures from our planting party!

The plan of the upper Vineyard


"Aunt Nancy's Get Well" cake AKA "Mom's Birthday Cake"

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