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Monday, July 20, 2009


I was very much in a day dream this weekend. Walking ar
ound the amazing city of New York with great friends and beautiful weather. What more can a girl ask for? How about frozen yogurt?

Well, I have been a Pink Berry girl for, well, since they opened in NYC. I believe the first Pink Berry in NYC opened 3 blocks up Mulberry from where I live on Spring street. Now I am a fan of Pink Berry and it's wonderful pinkberriness however, I am not always in the mood for its tartiness.

This weekend was my first, and second (oopsie) to Daydream Frozen Yogurt. My best friend here in NYC, Sara, decided before we saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, we needed a little sweet. I blissfully agreed.

Conveniently, Daydream was right around the corner from the movie theater. On the way in the door I grabbed a sample of the Cookies-n-Cream and that was it. I was in heaven. To top if off, literally I added ginger snap cookie sprinkles. It was amazing. I have to say I enjoyed it so much, I ended up going a second time with my friend Allison the next day. She too is now a believer.

So, my goal for this post is to introduce Daydream Frozen Yogurt to everyone. Therefore, they will have to open them all over NYC and hopefully one on my block (wink).

Plain yogurt with raspberry powder
at Daydream Frozen Yogurt
Roxana Marroquin

Daydream Frozen Yogurt Entering the well-populated fro-yo fray comes this fantastical spot, decorated with a trompe l’oeil blue-sky mural. What sets it apart are the fixings: Low-fat and nonfat yogurts can be topped with inventive house-made extras such as dehydrated-fruit powder, infused honeys and flavored syrups. 110 Third Ave at 13th St (212-228-4288)

Compiled by Daniel Gritzer, Seth Grudberg and Francoise Villeneuve.
These venues are too new to review. Opening dates vary; call ahead.

New York: Metro Mix Leave your fro-yo bomb shelter—the coast is clear with the EV’s Daydream Frozen Yogurt. With owner Gwen Butler choosing a blue-and-white cloud-formation design, the atmosphere is set for the selections. There are rotating flavors—green tea, pomegranate—or plain versions, “creamy” and “icy,” so it all depends how fat you’re feeling. In fact, it’s the toppings, largely whipped up by chef Greg Pena, that fly you to the Moon. Try the raspberry, strawberry and mango dust or butter rum crunch, which sports the cheekiest handwritten sign (“does contain alcohol”) this side of Prohibition. There’s even dehydrated espresso, counterproductive as that seems. Delicate white chairs and marble tables let you imagine an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, but modernity rules. Wolf down a “moffle”—a mochi waffle—to see what we mean.

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