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Friday, July 17, 2009

Traina Photography

If you keep up and read my blog regularly, first of all thank you and secondly you would be up to speed on my hobbies. I recently had a friend of a friend get married. Just like most girls, I love looking at wedding photographs. But, not for the same reasons as most. I love looking at the photographs for the design, concept, and lighting. I hope no one takes this too personally but, I very rarely look at the faces in photographs. I look more at the composition, arrangements, angles, and little details not everyone always sees.

I don't know if it is the era I grew up in, which has amazing advances in technology, but I don't have the patience to go to school or read a book to learn how to use my camera.
I just wish someone would sit down one day and teach me about all the settings, when to use them, what lenses to use and when, how to shoot in different lighting and everything I would need to know about a camera.

My friend, who is a photographer, once told me I have the eye. The eye is one thing that can not be taught. So, hopefully one day I will find this one person who will show me everything. Until then I am just going to do what I do and have fun.

My friend of a friend posted her pictures on Facebook. Her pictures were absolutely beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at them and picking out every little detail I loved.
So, thanks to Facebook and the amazing marketing tool it is, I learned about Traina Photography. My friend Shannon, who was a bridesmaid in this particular wedding, told me they are from NY but moved to OK. That is kind of funny since I did the exact opposite. But, I am glad they did. Otherwise, I might never have heard about them.

Now, Because I know the bride I went to look at the pictures because of her. Not only was I pleasantly surprised on the quality of the photography, I have to say to Laken that she looked absolutely stunning. I love everything about her wedding from the flowers and the cake to the bridesmaids dresses. I especially love the black stilettos. All the little details were beautiful.

I hope, someday, I will be able to use Traina Photography.

Laken & Cody

Photography by Traina Photography

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