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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Charlaine Harris

Most people have heard of the HBO series True Blood.

But, most have not heard where this series came from. Like most TV shows and movies, True Blood is based off a book series by Charlaine Harris.

The first time I heard about True Blood was one night when I called my Mom. She told me to call back because she was in the middle of her show. It was her favorite show and I was warned never to interrupt again. Since I can't afford HBO, I decided I would look into the series a little more and found out from a friend, that it was based off of a book series. Problem solved! I headed down to my neighborhood book store, McNally Jackson, and purchased the first three books. Within days, I was finished and went back for the next three. I finished the first seven books in about a month.

Since the TV show is doing so well, I just thought it would be appropriate for the creator to be recognized and let all my friends know where True Blood came from. They are a great, fun, easy read and I highly recommend them to anyone who loves Harry Potter, Twilight and the Golden Compass.

The TV show differs from the books just like most adaptations except, in this case, it is opposite. Instead of having more characters and details in the books, I am finding more characters and details in the TV show. Since I read the books first, I am more used to the story plot and get confused when a new character is added into the TV show that I have never heard of. However, I still enjoy the show even though it is a little gory for my taste.

Thanks to Netflix adding instant watch for Mac's , I am now able to watch the True Blood season one on the comfort of my brand new Mac Book Pro! I can't wait until True Blood season two is available!

Here are the books in the correct order. I have added the link to their wiki site for their synopsis. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

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