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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ditch Plains

Last night I had one of the tastiest meals of my life. Now, before I continue, I have to add that this meal will only be had about once every year. Please see the above image. Yes, that is two hot dogs with macaroni and cheese on top piled above a bed of delicious french fries.
Now do you see why I can only allow myself to divulge in this one of a kind meal only once a year?

I have been wanting to eat at Ditch Plains for quite some time. Actually, I remember the exact day my coworker, Erin, told me about this amazingly delicious meal she had. Oh yes, I was sold from the Mac and Cheese.

They have a great menu. Not only do they have Pigs in a Ditch, Ditch Dogs and Sloppy Dogs, they also have many kinds of oyster apps and entrees, Ditch Plains Lobster Rolls, Skirt Steak with Chimichuri, and Mustard Crusted Salmon. We had a large Caesar salad with two huge juicy chicken breasts for an app. We decided we would have some greens with our fat! They have two sizes for all their salads which is also great.

For dessert we had S'mores. Yes, you heard me! There were two for $4 and they were each wrapped in tin foil. They were a great treat to top off a delicious meal! Along with another sweet treat, the check came in a glass filled with salt water taffy!

Luckily for me, I live basically in SoHo which is a central location for some of the best restaurants within walking distance of my apartment. Ditch Plains is just up Houston right past Sixth Ave. on Bedford and Downing. I can definitely say it was great to get up and stretch my legs a few blocks after eating that meal! I love living in NYC.

During dinner Craig and I were discussing some of our favorite restaurants. The more we discussed, the more we realized the restaurants we would recommend to people are the ones we would remember and want to go back to. We both agreed that Ditch Plains was definitely one we would love to return to.

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