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Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend I took a mini vaca, what else is new? It seems almost every post now is talking about my mini vacas! Well, this time I actually left the state of New York. I hopped on the Amtrak and headed to New London, CT where my Aunt Debby and her niece, Mandy, picked me up at 9:40pm. I am skipping the 25 min, no wait 45 min delay and the 1mph for 30 minute drama and heading right too the fun stuff!

After a dramatic phone call to my Mom to get her worked up, mostly for pleasure because I was bored, tattling that Aunt Debby was going to make me take a taxi to the hotel (because 9:40pm was past her bed time) I made it to the hotel!

Saturday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to Foxwoods Casino and Resort, to spend the first non-rainy day in weeks, inside gambling. After a horrible breakfast at the local buffet, we headed over to the eBay slot machine! Let's just say I didn't lose any money! But. I also didn't win enough money to purchase the cute Coach sandals I'd had my eye on all day.

Eventually the lazy bums woke up and decided to meet to come with us to the Body Exhibit. Although, it was very interesting to see what is really inside the human body, I was indeed very glad I didn't eat before.
After working for years in the OR, Aunt Debby was giving us a play by play on each body part.

Bodies The Exhibition
Through the sensitive presentation of actual whole-body specimens and individual organs, this awe-inspiring exhibition will reveal how your body works by exploring it from the inside-out. Bodies... The Exhibition examines the intricacies and complexities that lie beneath your skin through the use of a unique polymer preservation process applied to real human bodies. You will leave with a greater understanding of your own physical makeup and with a deeper respect for the machine that gives you the power of life. Both fascinating and beautiful, this eye-opening exhibition is an unforgettable experience for inquisitive minds of all ages. Bodies... The Exhibition will change the way you view yourself forever.

To help you see what a body really looks like on the inside, this Exhibition uses real human bodies that have been preserved so they do not decay. A human specimen is first preserved according to standard mortuary science. The specimen is then dissected to show whatever it is that someone wants to display. Once dissected, the specimen is immersed in acetone, which eliminates all body water. The specimen is then placed in a large bath of silicone, or polymer, and sealed in a vacuum chamber. Under vacuum, acetone leaves the body in the form of gas and the polymer replaces it, entering each cell and body tissue. A catalyst is then applied to the specimen, hardening it and completing the process. This method of preservation creates a specimen that will not decay. This offers thousands of unique teaching possibilities for educators at all levels, including medical professionals, archeologists and other scientists.

After being surrounded by hundreds of dead body parts, Neal and I decided we were hungry. How? I am not sure. We went and had burgers at Fuddruckers.

We decided to take a break before the concert and headed up to Andy's hotel room to relax. As an interior designer, I did have to comment on every little thing about the room. The furniture was pretty nice. The carpet however, let's just say I can't believe what it would be like walking into that room drunk...The bed was very comfortable!

The concert was at the MGM Grand Theater. It was a great theater and holds about 3,000. It was a great show!

After the concert we hung out at the club Shrine. It is an Asian restaurant during the day and a night club at night. All of us had a great time!

I had a great weekend at Foxwoods however, it is not really my type of scene. There were a lot of older people and not very many younger people. It was great to get out and experience something new especially since I didn't lose any money! If I do go back I know where I will be spending most of my time...

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