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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smith Street Chockies

On Saturday, I hopped on over to Brooklyn Heights to hang out with some friends. I have explored Brooklyn Heights one time before. I believe, one of my first blog posts was about my first trip to Brooklyn Heights. This time, after a short walk along the promenade, we made our way towards Carroll Gardens and Smith Street. Smith Street is 20 blocks made up of adorable, funky, modern, artsy craftsy, great stores and restaurants.

My friend picked up this great map that showed the entire strip and location of all the stores and restaurants. I didn't keep one since well, I don't live in Brooklyn. Right now I am kicking myself trying to find the location of all my favorite shops. Next time I head over to Smith Street again, I will pick one up. You can also find them in almost every store on Smith Street.

Before we got to Smith Street we stopped at one of my favorite clothing/home accessory stores, Urban Outfitters. I don't shop there for clothes much anymore because of my new rule: I only allow myself to purchase clothes I can wear to both work and play. However, my bed cover and the rug in front of my sofa along with other little accessories around my apartment are from there.

I just so happen to add to my UO collection! Check out my new glass hand! I love it! Plus, it serves multiple purposes, it looks cool and it holds my rings.

Urban Outfitters $20.00

Once we hit Smith Street, I believe we went to 50% of the stores stopping only once at the very end to relax and grab a drink at the Gowanus Yacht Club .

I only purchased a few more items along the way and I have to say they were great deals.

My next purchase was from Andie Woo. Andie Woo had some amazing jewlery. Of course my expensive taste landed me right in front of the glass counter where everything was above $300.00. They did have much cheaper jewelry as well from designers like Alexis Bittar, who also has a store in SoHo. They also have a large collection of women's under garments. I just didn't feel like stripping down at the moment, plus I was more eager to look at their small collection of home accessories.

I found this great horn bowl for $19.00.

My third purchase was from Swallow. Swallow was by far the coolest store we went in. It was almost dark and creepy but it had some great things. They are known more for their glass and ceramics but I loved their dark and mysterious almost science related items.

They had these great standing magnifying glasses that I almost purchased but I decided against it because of the high cost. $72.00 each.

I did however purchase these great little golden chicken feet. Some, like my colleague Jennifer, think they are a little disturbing, but I myself think they are adorable.

Gold Chicken Feet $14.00

My last purchase was a guilt purchase. I accidently killed my last plant a few months ago and thought it would be a great idea to get another one. Plants really make an apartment more homey and cozy.

So, I asked for the hardest plant to kill. Although, my last plant was a Spider plant which ended up being on the top of the list of " The Hardest Plants to Kill"... oops! I guess I don't have a green thumb.

I ended up with a Jade Plant. Isn't he cute? Hopefully, he will have better luck than my Spider Plant.
Jade Plant $9.00

So, for $62.00 I got some great accessories to help make my little studio apartment from a house into a home!

P.S.... I also went and grabbed one of these awesome hour glasses from CB2 on Sunday morning!


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