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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

After an exciting dinner of macaroni and cheese on hotdogs from Ditch Plains(oops...I said only once a year but I couldn't help it!) and the Decemberists concert at Terminal 5, Shannon and I were heading back to my apartment to relax and catch up. Did that happen? Of course not.

Due to the San Gennaro festival that lasts a full two weeks on my street (but we will not get into that right now), we stopped in the maze of tourists and carnival food to sit down and chat with my friends from my corner Italian restaurant Grotta Azzura.

After a while, Brooklyn Heights came up in our discussion. As this was Shannon's second time to NYC, why would we go to Brooklyn when we have the whole city to see? After a few more minutes we were convinced to take a trip out to Brooklyn Heights at 11:00pm at night. Luckily and thankfully, our new found friend had a car. A brand new 5 series BMW might I add.

The promenade is located along the East River. It runs from DUMBO south to Orange Street. They are currently in the middle of construction to the East River which will add a park along the shore. The park will include an amphitheater, bike paths, playgrounds, sports fields and courts, gardens, children's water play areas, and walking paths.

I am glad we were convinced to go because the view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is probably one of the coolest views I have ever seen. Especially at night! I just can't wait for the East River Park to be complete. My coworker, Jennifer, who lives in Brooklyn Heights over looking the promenade, said to me after reading the paragraph with the details of the park "Yeah, I am never moving!"

Everyone check out Brooklyn Heights and the Promenade. I am in the process of trying to convince my parents to move there. They do like the idea!

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