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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Museum

This past weekend, parents weekend, it was rainy and no fun to be out walking the streets of New York. Therefore, I decided to take my parents to the New Museum. I had never been and didn't know much about it so we were a little skeptical not knowing about the exhibitions. But we gave it a shot.

I have been trying to plan a visit on a Thursday since Thursday nights are free, but it just had not happened yet. I figured it was the perfect time to go.

The New Museum is located on Bowery Street where Prince ends. It is very close to my apartment which made it perfect for our rainy Friday afternoon.

There were two exhibitions that we all really enjoyed. One was the Emory Douglas: Black Panther exhibition. I had no idea about the Black Panther Party, I guess I missed that part in school. Actually, I was shocked I had never heard about the Black Panthers.

The exhibition included great art and posters and also a video interviewing some of the existing Black Panther Party members. There was a time line along one wall explaining the important historical events which the founding members included Bobby Seal and Huey P. Newton. There was also a map directly across from the time line showing where the Black Panther Party Headquarters. Surprisingly enough, there was one in Tulsa!

I highly recommend this exhibition. It is an important event in American History and I learned so much that I should have already known.

The second exhibition we enjoyed immensely was the Photography of David Goldblatt. David Goldblatt was born in South Africa and this exhibition showed not only the dramatic difference of the living conditions in for the white farmers vs. the poor population but he also had photographs of South Africa that showed the difference between today and what it looked like years ago.

It made me realize the generous life I have. Each photograph has an explanation which tells the story behind it. Some of the explanations were so sad. It is hard to believe this is happening in the same world I live in. He had photographs from architecture, rich homes, poor homes to the different people and cultures South Africa has.

I also highly recommend it. It give you a different perspective on life. I would love to purchase one of his books for my little collection.

Thank you to the New Museum for the information and images of the exhibits!

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