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Friday, September 11, 2009

Preparation for Parents Weekend

I don't know if most people get as excited as I do when their parents come to visit them but I go nuts. Especially with my apartment! I have been cleaning my apartment daily. Mostly because my parents have been gracious enough to help fund many of the large pieces in my apartment which include my TV (birthday present), my amazing Container Store Elfa closet setup, and a few other pieces here and there. Hey, I'm a struggling young designer living in the most expensive city in America.

Yesterday, and in perfect timing before my parents come, my coworker and fabulous interior designer, Jennifer Chamberlain, gave me this great statue of a head to add to my growing collection of accessories. She bought this piece in El Salvador years back. I love it! I will eventually add it to the shelving system I am going to add above and below my TV. But, that won't happen until I have another birthday...or possibly chrismukkah!

Of course I needed some flowers since I am having guests. I decided on hydrangeas since they are in season and not as potent as Lilly's. My mom tends to have allergies to floral smells so these were perfect. They look wonderful!

I had a client meeting on Wednesday and we were discussing fabrics for their three homes in Bedford. Yes, I said three. One of my favorite fabrics was not chosen. I was very sad. I decided I needed that fabric. So, I took the sample home and made a pillow.

I do not have a sewing machine but I do have needles and thread. So, last night during the rain delays of the Nadal/Gonzalez match, I pulled out my sewing kit, sat down and pinned together a pillow. It took me about 30 minutes to sew the whole thing. I tore open an old pillow and used the stuffing to fill my new pillow. It looks a little lumpy but hey, I sewed a pillow! It also looks great in my apartment!

I wanted to show the growth of my Jade plant! I am so excited it is still alive and kicking! It has been growing like crazy. There is a huge difference from when I first got it. I am proud of myself for haveing not killed it yet.

I am struggling here because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what this next flower is called. I even googled "Yellow Ball Flower" but nothing came up except some images. This is probably my favorite flower I have purchased so far. For the first few weeks I had it in water. Then I drained the water to let it dry out. It has been about three months now and it still looks great!

I highly recommend the "Yellow Ball Flower" for decorative purposes. It adds a great splash of color and doesn't die!

So, I am finally ready for my parents. The apartment looks great and I can't wait for an amazing weekend in New York City. Now all I need is it to stop raining!

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