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Monday, October 26, 2009

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

Two weeks ago I received an email from my Dad.  This is normal, he usually sends me emails. It is also normal for him to send me emails about places to go and things to do and new restaurants in New York City he wishes he could try. So, because he can't try them, he sends me.  So, it was very normal when I received an email with a New York Times article in it about this great restaurant.  It was also perfect timing because my Mom was coming to visit me the next week and thought it would be a great place for us to go. What place is this? It's DBGB's Kitchen and Bar of course! 

The first time I heard about DBGB's was from our long lost intern, Erin.  So, my friend Craig and I tried to check it out one Monday or Tuesday night.  I believe this is how it went...Alexis, I am here, they don't have a table until 11pm, ok, so where do you want to go? Well this was also the same night we ended up eating at a restaurant across the street from Oak and I purchased my Matt Bernson sandals at 10:00pm! I guess I can be thankful because I love those shoes and I would never have found them if it wasn't for their 11pm availability. 

So, using my Mom to come in town was a great excuse to make a reservation.  We did make a reservation for a Monday night because Friday, Saturday and Sunday there were no tables available until, oh you guessed it, 11pm. So we ended up with a reservation on a Monday night at 6:15pm. 

It started out a little rocky. We believed, since we were there so early, with a reservation, that we would be able to get a booth.  Oh no. We were smack right in the middle of an aisle. The place was pretty empty at the time and when we asked to be switched to a both they, of course, said no. I was pretty pissed. But, once I saw Matzoh Ball soup on the menu, I was feeling a lot better. 


Because my Dad was the one who directed us to DBGB's, we decided to send him pictures of our meal.  For the first course I had Jim's Matzoh Ball soup (duh!) and my Mom had a blue cheese wedge with tomatoes, walnuts, bacon bits and herbs.  They were both pretty 

For the second course I decided to try one of the sausages.  I got the Vermont sausage which is a smoked pork and cheddar link on a hash brown with red onion creme frache.  My Mom had the Red Curry Mussels that were in a spicy coconut milk, tomato & Thai herbs broth. 

Dessert was the only course we disagreed on.  My Mom loves chocolate.  I don't. I will avoid chocolate as long as I can.  The only time I ever eat chocolate is if it is the only thing around.  Because of this, it took forever to order one.  Well we decided on the Coffee Mocha Sundae.  Well, I also don't like coffee flavored things. So, the server was nice enough to exchange one scoop of chocolate ice cream with vanilla.  It still did nothing for me so, I ordered another dessert. 

The interior design was very cool.  I like the fact you could sort of see into the kitchen. I also loved the atmosphere.  The colors were all very masculine and neutral which I was also a fan of.  The tables had some nice details around the edges and the chairs were interesting.  There were two parts I had a problems with.  One was that the restaurant furniture table plan was in rows which meant people were constantly walking around you on all sides.  The second was that all the tables were very close together. They were so close together that we actually had a conversation with the people next to us about what we were ordering.  At least they were nice.

DBGB's name is a play off of the famous CBGB's. This is probably because CBGB's (RIP) was located on the same block DBGB's is now. Very creative!

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