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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jacques Torres Chocolates

Over a month ago when my parents were visiting, I eagerly wanted to take them to Brooklyn Heights. Which I did.  I also wanted to show them DUMBO.  I love DUMBO and if I ever move to Brooklyn it would probably be DUMBO. Well, it turned out my parents had already been to DUMBO and so they got to share with me some of their favorite spots.  One of which, was Jacques Torres Chocolates.  

For years I remember them and my Aunt Nancy, who is a chocolate and hot chocolate lover, (she starts her day out with chocolate by having a cup of half coffee / half hot chocolate every morning) telling me about some of the best hot chocolate they have ever had.  Once we arrived in DUMBO they remembered where it was.  It was a rainy cold day and we were excited to get inside and have something warm to drink.  I didn't imagine I would be drinking melted chocolate. The store smelled like heaven. 

After visiting I went on their website and found that they have more than one location in New York City.  I still have never been to the other locations.  DUMBO will probably stay "my spot."  It also gives me an excuse to visit DUMBO.


Next door to the chocolate shop in DUMBO, they opened a Jacques Torres Ice Cream shop. Ice cream is definitely more my speed, since I am not a huge chocolate fan, but it was too cold to eat ice cream and pretty much impossible to hold an umbrella too.  Therefore, I went for the hot chocolate.  It was pretty amazing. Liquid chocolate.  It was a little bitter for me and I could not finish it all. But, out of the seven of us, it was easy enough to pass it on.  It was steaming hot and if you let it cool for any bit of time, a thin layer of chocolate would form on the top. 


For those of you not located in New York, they do sell all of their products online including their two different hot chocolates, original and wicked. 


The Wicked Hot Chocolate features allspice, cinnamon, ground, sweet ancho chili peppers, and smoked, ground chipotle chili peppers! I am thinking Christmas presents!


They also sell these amazing bars of chocolate.  They are huge! They are great for baking or just snacking on.  I could see my Aunt Nancy storing some of these in her desk drawer at work!


In their store they also sell freshly made cookies and brownies. Online they sell the mixes for their cookies and brownies.  


And, for those cooks out there, they also sell some of Jacques Torres cook books! A definite need for my kitchen one day!

A Year in Chocolate

Let your New Year’s resolution be “Eat more chocolate.” With A Year in Chocolate as your guide, you won’t have any difficulty sticking with it from January through December. This book offers a calendar’s worth of treats sure to make every celebration more luscious. Jacques' chocolate-drenched imagination gives new twists to the traditional and fresh looks to the classics. He adapted all his recipes for the home cook. The book contains 150 ecstasy-inducing photos of the finished dishes, A Year in Chocolate will be the chocolate cookbook of the season.

Dessert Circus by: Jacques Torres

Master the building blocks of dessert making and you can create anything. That is the simple philosophy of Jacques Torres. Jacques explains it all in clear, plain language, like a teacher at your side. He doesn't just tell you what to do, he tells you why you are doing it that way. Dessert Circus isn't just a stunning collection of a hundred astonishing desserts, it is a primer in the basics of dessert chemistry. Each recipe is rated for its level of difficulty.

Dessert Circus at Home by: Jacques Torres

A sweet dream come true! Celebrated pastry chef Jacques Torres has written a dessert cookbook specially designed for the home cook. He makes desserts fun and easy, offering a wide range of tempting recipes that will appeal to child and adult alike. For kids, there are Jacques' Marshmallows, Lollipops, Graham Crackers and Ice Cream Cones to be made from scratch - a rainy day activity that everyone can enjoy. Adults can indulge in an afternoon tea with trays of scones studded with golden raisins.

 Jacques Torres was also a part of the New York City Wine & Food Festival a few weeks ago.  If I would have known about it earlier, I might have gone.  Too bad I missed it. There is always next year!


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