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Thursday, November 5, 2009


There are so many interior design magazines out there these days.  Some I think are great and some, not so great.  My coworker, Susie, introduced me to a new interior design magazine. This one I think is great.  That is why I am going to share it with you. It is called LoftLife .

There are a few reasons why I like this magazine. 

One: I love the "loft" look and this magazine is based around this look with a lot of exposed brick and high ceilings.   
Two: I live in a small cramped space and a lot of the spaces in the magazine are similar to mine which gives me inspiration. 
Three: They have a great website which includes the full stories and images.

I found an article that I thought was interesting and decided to share it to show what kind of stories loftlife features.  This story is also on their website where it is a lot easier to read.






Another great aspect of loftlife is that they post their interior design resources on their website.  They also give you the link to the company.  This way, if you fall in love with something (which I am sure you will) you will have easy access to purchase it.   If anyone has any questions about any of these resources, please let me know.  I deal with these companies on a daily basis and would be more than willing to help someone spend their money! 


Loftlife also makes it easy to subscribe to their magazine.  There are great stories, design ideas and furniture and accessories featured in each issue. 


Loftlife also allows you to easily submit your own apartment to possibly be featured in their magazine.

One of my favorite parts about the website is their "wanted" section.  They have different categories with furniture and accessories for you to look at.  My personal favorites are.....

Period Pieces. 

Right now I love accessories and metal.  Hints all of the stainless accessories.  I think they are just great and add character to a space.


ICFF 2008 Favorites.

 This is probably because I did something very similar to my own apartment.  You can see what I did in my apartment in my post Framed on a Dime.

You can tell a lot about a person by their apartment from the colors, design and style.  Making art yourself and framing it is a great way to express yourself.  I think color is a great way to express yourself and therefore I was very attracted to this idea.  Maybe because I had the same one?

So, go check out loftlife and see if it give you any ideas to improve your own space!

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