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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Soley Organized

  For the past four years I have been improving my apartment little by little.  One of the largest problems has been dealing with and organizing my closet. Well, more like lack there of.  No, I do not have a single closet in my entire apartment.  

When I first moved in the, girl who lived there before me left her clothing rolling racks (as you can see below).  It was great for awhile.  That was until they started to lean, break and eventually fall over all together.  


As an interior designer, I knew there was a way to improve my "closet."  I just needed a little financial support.  So, for my next birthday my parents graciously donated to my "Let's Help Lexi Get a Closet" fund.  And that they did!

I headed over to the one and only original storage and organizational store, The Container Store, and went straight to the Elfa shelving systems. I came prepared with a dimensioned floor plan of my apartment along with details of the wall materials. The Container Store has an easy to use computer system which helps you design, draw and add components you would like in your closet.  

After I believe I had the best design for my space, I paid and headed home to wait for the delivery.  They ended up delivering late and I had to wait a day in order to have enough time to finish.  My amazing neighbors (at the time) Jen and Jeff came over to help me out.  Jeff enjoyed a little football (or baseball) while Jen and I handled the power tools.  

The system is very easy to install.  It is one metal track bar that everything hangs from.  So, once you have the horizontal track bar up you place the vertical pieces where the design directions explain.  From there, everything attaches into place.  I also purchased the stained wood fascia which looks great and I am very glad I (by I, I mean Mom and Dad) spent the extra money.


The elfa shelving system is probably the best investment I have made in the apartment.  It has been such a great help.  Now, this system does have a few problems.  The main problems is that everything is visible.  You know what that means right? Everything has to stay organized all the time.  For some people this might be a problem.  For me, not at all.

The second problem is no matter how organized you are, things tend to look cluttered. You can see, even with my amazing organizational abilities, things still seemed cluttered.  So, the second thing I did to help out the clutter is give everything I do not wear away to a charity, keep things off of the floor, and organize my shoe collection (which isn't that big for a girl). 

When my Mom came in town two weeks ago for a girls trip.  During this trip we did a lot of new clothes and shoes/boots shopping which minimized my closet space and added more clutter.  So, another round of discarding clothes and shoes happened again.  We decided  we needed some more help from the Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond. 

My boot collection has gotten rather large and they no longer fit into the plastic tubs I used to toss them into. So, I got rid of the tubs and purchased boot stands. Now my boot collection is displayed rather nicely on the top rack of my "closet."


I also purchased 20 plastic shoe boxes to sort and divide my shoes into. My shoes used to just sit on the top rack and were hard to keep straight and organized.  I was switching out my shoes depending on the seasons and weather.  When I was not wearing my sandals I would keep them in the brown canvas basket.  They were all piled on top of each other and I was starting to collect some really nice shoes. I decided this had to change. So, I sorted them all out and put them into the shoes boxes. Now, I can easily access all of them while keeping them looking nice.

I still have the brown canvas baskets where I keep running shoes, heels (which, unfortunately, I can no longer wear) and bags/purses. My sandals, which are out of season, are now located under the brown canvas baskets.  Once they are back in season I will move them to the other side where they can be accessed more easily.

As you can see, my closet is finally complete.  It is organized and everything is easily accessable.  I even have room for my decorative throw pillows during the night when they are not needed.  I am very happy how it turned out and owe a big thank you to everyone who made it happen, Mom, Dad, Jen and Jeff (for your support). Thank you!  

If anyone has any questions or needs any help with interior design or organizing, please let me know! It is one of my all time favorite things to do.  Some would call me a little (ok, maybe a lot) obsessive compulsive, but I just like things to look their best!

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