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Monday, December 7, 2009

Michele Varian

 This weekend was a lot of fun. Oliver has now officially met all of my best friends in New York City. He also joined us during our Christmas shopping mini sprees.

On Saturday evening, after a trip to Bloomingdales, and a much needed stop at Top Shop to gather supplies to keep the boy's warm (hats, gloves and scarves....they didn't come prepared) we happened upon a really cool little shop on Crosby Street.  It is called Michele Varian.   The shop reminded me a lot of Swallow, the store on Smith Street. They even had my chicken feet. 

I found it so cool I had to take Sara back on Sunday to browse for Christmas gifts.  Of course, I'm the one who purchased something instead of her. I guess I really did need to do some Christmas shopping.  This year is just flying by so quickly.


 I purchased a Christmas present for my brother.
Andy, no cheating and going to their website to try and find what I got you.  Although, the actual one I got you is not on their website. HA!

Some other things I really liked was their lighting selection. They were affordable and great looking.  Very industrial, which I love, and almost mechanical looking.  If I had a place to put them, I probably would have come home with more than just a.....oh, did you think I was going to slip and say what I got Andy? I'm smarter than that.

  Some other affordable items I could purchase in the future, and if I decide I really need them, are these glasses.  They are really delicate and simple but interesting.   

They also have other assortment of glasses along with salt and pepper shakers and cool other little nick nacks that would be great gifts and accessories.  Charl and Craig almost came home with a monkey in a cage.  It was pretty cute.

They have this large ribbed hour glass that I need to have for $40.00.  I had to have it until I spent over $40.00 on my brother. I decided it could wait.  
 I recently broke my hourglass from CB2.  Sad story.

They also had a large assortment of bedding and decorative pillows.  They had some bed covers I really liked.  There were many different styles, sizes and colors of pillows that would be great not only for sofas but decorative pillows for beds as well.

Their flagship store just so happens to be the store that is located four blocks from my apartment.  How convenient, eh?

 I can't believe I have lived in my apartment for going on four years and I have never seen this store.  I guess now that I have Oliver and have to take the little pooch for walks, I will find more stores to share. They also sell things at ABC Carpet & Home.  I do a lot of shopping there for work.  ABC is another great store!

 They even sell things in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Dolphin. The Dolphin just so happens to be one of my all time favorite bedding stores! It's probably because it is expensive.  I tend to attract the more expensive stores.  What can I say, I have good ( and expensive) taste!

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