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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Raw Art

Last night we had a great evening walking around Rockefeller Plaza and Bryant Park.  Oliver came along too. He very much enjoyed the lights, music, joy and Christmas spirit New York City has to offer.  Jason bought us hot chocolate from Max Brenner's which was also amazing.




 I purchased a piece of art from one of the small temporary kiosks surrounding the ice skating rink.  The artist company is called The Raw Art.

When I first saw the piece I thought it would be perfect for Andy and Jennie's new place. But, then I became selfish and decided I needed it for myself. Sorry guys. Maybe I'll have a surprise for you when I come visit in February.

Then I stood there visioning all of the empty walls in my apartment trying to find a place for one of the pieces.  After a good 5 seconds, I decided I didn't need to think about a place to hang it because if I didn't have a good place I would make one.

I was so excited about my new piece of art, the first thing I did when I got home was hang it up. I love how the colors pop and how the textures match the different textures on my picture wall above my desk.

 The Raw Art's business card was cool too and thought I would share it. It shows their contact information as well.

As you can see from their website, they do more than just paint.  They also had some great photography of graffiti from New York City and Miami. Their pieces were very cool and colorful.  On their website they show a lot of the different designs, techniques and colors they use. 

My piece was $50.00 which is a great and reasonable price.  There was a smaller piece for $40.00 but I decided for $10.00 more, why not get the larger piece.  The prices increased $10.00 by size.  Great gift ideas for friends and family. 

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