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Friday, December 18, 2009

Secret Santa

Today was our MAC II Secret Santa.  Normally on Fridays we have a wine and cheese party but, tonight we have our MAC II Christmas party.  Because of this, we made our wine and cheese party a lunch party.  We also exchanged our Secret Santa presents.

This year was a great year.  Everyone got something very nice and special.  My Secret Santa, who was Susie, was probably the best of all. A few months ago, actually probably more like almost a year ago, I gave her some fabric to make some pillows for my apartment.  You see, she has a sewing machine and I don't.
So, today I finally got my two pillows.  I will post a picture later when they are in my apartment.

Susie also got me something I requested to the office.  You see, when Secret Santa gossip makes its way around the office everyone starts dropping hints about what they want.  Some are more casual than others....Jen had pictures posted all over the office.  It was pretty funny.  I believe I was asked what I wanted.  The two things I requested were a Baggu or iTunes gift card.  Well, I got my Baggu.


This is the Baggu Susie got me! I love it! I can't wait to use it.  I usually do my grocery shopping on Sundays but sometimes I randomly stop on my way home from work or on my way home from the gym and I never have a bag with me.  Well, now I will!


I was the Secret Santa for our new intern Ester.  Ester is from Turkey and is only with us through the middle of January.  We all hope she will come back. She has been great.  I didn't know what to get her.  Then I thought about the things I would do for my family and friends.  I came up with one of my favorite things.  The best part is that it was cheap and easy (since I am on a budget).

You all know I love photography. Last summer one of my projects was to find the entire alphabet within nature.  Well, I came very close.  I am only missing a few letters. Luckily enough, I had enough for Ester's name. 

I thought this would be a perfect gift for her to take back to Turkey.  Almost the whole alphabet is from Central Park.  I figured it would be a great thing for her to have in her apartment for decor but also a great story because it shows my photography of New York City.  She seemed to love it! I hope she does!

If any of you would like your name done, let me know.  It is quick and easy for me to pull together. I also have all the letters in color as well as black and white.  They are great presents.  Contact me for more information! 

Oliver also got a present! Mrs. Ertegun bought him a miniature horse blanket in his color! His chocolate brown coat looks amazing in this burnt orange color! It was so sweet of her.  I can't wait to try it on him! I am so excited! I am very thankful.

 I also made Holiday cards for everyone in my office. 

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