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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

75 Minutes of Heaven?

For those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning, you would know about the Equinox challenge I did last February.  The challenge was to get all new Equinox members to work out 60 times within 90 days. The reward was I (or in this case my Father) would receive my (his) initiation fee back. Well, a congratulations is in order because I did complete that challenge and my father was very happy to receive the money back he so graciously donated! No, I think he was more excited that I actually decided I enjoyed working out.

Well, it has almost been one year since I have joined Equinox. Can you believe it? I can't believe how quickly 2009 flew by and from my previous post you know how glad I am of that! I think the most positive thing about 2009, besides Oliver (duh) was joining Equinox.  It literally has changed my life.  I actually enjoy being tortured.  Well, at least by one Studio Cycling instructor, Amy Amato.

I have even had to start coming into work early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I could leave early to go home and walk the pup before her amazing classes. We will see how long my work let's me do this! But, I have decided, as crazy as this sounds, that Amy and her cycling classes actually make me happy.  Who would want to take that away from me?

Well, last night I endured the most torture I have ever been through (besides my tonsillectomy - I mean come on I might be exaggerating a little). Tuesday night classes, for the month of January, have been extended to 75 minutes. Yes, 75 minutes of pure sweat, pain and hell. Yes, that about describes it. I literally had to concentrate on walking when I was headed home. Oh, and the worst part was walking up five flights, getting the pup, walking the pup, then walking back up five flights of stairs. That wasn't pretty.

I recently received a month free because my good friend Whitney joined Equinox after I expressed my love. I would like to thank Whitney.  Whitney will soon be present in one of Amy's cycling classes. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Equinox now has an iPhone app. This means I can book my bike on the go! Now I am sure to get one of my two favorite bikes in the class!

Another exciting thing is that Equinox has now started to carry Kiehl's products in the locker rooms.  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Can we say awesome?

They have also really started going green and as an interior designer this means a lot to me.

Many parts of this initiative are already underway:

·            For years we have carefully selected our finish materials (tiles, paint, wood products) to include low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), recycled and rapidly renewable materials. 

·            In every club we’ve switched to using low-toxic and natural cleaning products during work out hours, which improve indoor air quality while still maintaining our high standards of cleanliness. 

·            We are now using recycled paper in all clubs and in the corporate office, as well as have launched initiatives to reduce our paper consumption. 

·            We’ve signed exclusive partnerships with leading green technology providers including GE Water, Trion Air and Lutron lighting to bring the latest “eco-friendly” innovations to our clubs. 

·            Our Shops will continue to integrate multiple lines of organic clothing and sell eco-friendly re-usable water bottles. 

 Over the coming months and years, we will rollout the following initiatives in our clubs:

·            We are implementing a national recycling program including recycling bins specifically designed and manufactured with recycled material.

·            We will install GE Water filtration systems to deliver pure, great tasting water to our fountains and therefore reduce the waste from plastic bottles

·         Trion air filtration systems are also being installed to purify the indoor air

·         We will be moving away from energy-intensive incandescent lighting and using more efficient technologies

·         New systems from Lutron will use “smart lighting” controls that cut back on lighting when not in use and harvest natural daylight

·         Special showerheads will be installed to control water flow and deliver a luxurious, drenching flow, along with low-flow toilets and waterless urinals that reduce water consumption.

At Equinox, we understand that a commitment to a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy environment.

 So, the point to this post is...

1. If you join Equinox, please refer me so I can get a month free.
2. Everyone should take Amy Amato's spin classes.
3. Mind over madness.....

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  1. Spin class isn't easy as it is, then you make it even longer? Kudos to you!