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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anthropologie Chic

One of my all time favorite stores, even though it isn't my usual style or taste, is Anthropologie! It even has it's own style, "Anthropologie Chic". Or, maybe I've made that up. But, I don't think so.

During my hunt for cheaper, but still awesome pieces for my bro and Jennie, I decided to take a look at Anthropologie since I know it is one of Jennie's favorite stores too!

The furniture and lighting is pretty expensive but, the accessories are priced pretty decently. One of my favorite things is the knobs and pulls they have.  One day I hope to have an excuse to use them.  Maybe in a bathroom or kitchen!

The initial "thing" is still in.  They have great options for different ways to display your initials or names.

My old neighbors Jen and Jeff used one of the numbers to hang outside their apartment door. I thought that was pretty creative.  I would have copied but, the number 7 that currently resides on my door has been painted so many times I think the actual door would fall over with the weight I would have to apply to pull it off.

Alexa, a friend who used to live in my apartment before me, left one of the mugs with the initial "A" on it. I was pretty excited about that. You know since my name starts with an "A" too.

I have mentioned these magnifying glasses in a previous post about shopping in Brooklyn! I am in LOVE. I do not know why I have this weird obsession with dark and gloomy accessories. But, I do.

I also think these are a great purchase. You could use them for the obvious reason, photos, or you could clip post cards, art, or even recipes (while cooking) to them!

The chair to the left is a reasonable buy for what it is....funky, industrial and just plain cool.  It could go in any space including a traditional apartment to help make it a little more modern or it would blend right into a contemporary space.

The chair to the right, well, it might be out of our price range, but I had to show it because I thought it was very cool and it is something we would purchase for a client. And, it's from Anthropologie! I'm just sayin....

I thought this could be a fun and funky side table, cocktail table, and possibly stool (depending on how sturdy it is). It could add a little interest to a room. Once again, a little on the pricey side. Ok, a lot on the pricey side...

I decided to show some of the more affordable lighting first. Here are some wall sconces I thought could work in all different type of spaces, lofts, apartments, homes and even cabins and cottages.

Here are some reasonable pendants. As you can tell, I love the industrial look. I am sure it will change soon but as of right now I think it is sexy, sleek and fun.


Now, don't fall in love. Just a warning. Well, at least with the one on the left. I just had to show it because it is so cool! The floor lamp on the right is almost a cheaper (knock-off) version of Mouille.  However, it is still very cool and I would be proud to own it.

I always love cute and pointless chockies that collect dust (some people are thinking "collect dust, she cleans so much there is no time for the dust to collect." Oh but it does here in NYC). I have been a lot better about simplifying things lately. But I thought these little "Fobots" were just too cute.  

These are some of my favorite bowls.  They come in a variety of colors. I think they actually add a new color each season. I already own six of these bowls and four of the smaller bowls which I use for condiments and ice cream during dinner parties!

I love the towels. I actually own this set. They are great because they do soak up the water really well. I guess thats a good things since it is the dish towels job. Plus they add a good color punch to the kitchen.


Here are some of my favorite soaps and lotions. You can't find them everywhere and when I found out I could purchase them only six block from my apartment, I threw a little party. The smell is a gentle citrus and lasts for a while.

I have recently gotten into candles.  This was my second candle purchase and I love this brand. One of my favorite parts, besides the scent, is you can see the design of the holder at all times.  Sometimes the design is just on the top so when you go to light the candle, the pretty part is hidden. They have multiple different scents and each scent has it's own color tin. But, this one just happens to be my favorite.

I bought Jennie an apron for her new kitchen for Christmas. I figured since she is such the baker now it would be the perfect addition. They don't have it on the website but here is a picture of her, Christmas Day, wearing it after she opened it. I know it's hard to see. Especially since there are two adorable pups in the way!

Anthropologie has a great selection of all kinds of books too. They have coffee table books, cook books and books for just full enjoyment.  I recently purchased a dream book.  

I also purchased a book for my Dad for Christmas about food. My parents have been very good about eating healthy lately, organic, vegetarian... you know. So I thought he would like this. It came highly recommended from a friend.

So, if you go to Anthropologie, I hope you remember some of the things I talked about and possibly even purchase them! If you do, I would love to know about it! They have everything from clothes to home furniture and accessories.  There is something for everyone. Even my Dad! 

Also, if you are a guest of mine be prepared to visit. I always do.  But, that is because it is just so close!

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