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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Design Solution #1: Entertainment and Media Storage Units

These days my friends are moving into their own houses and apartments. I guess we are all grown up and paying our own bills.  Everyone is having a great time decorating and picking out new furniture for their new places.  I have been very happy and excited to help them out. Even if they do happen to live in LA.  Especially with my brother and Jennie. Weekly, at least, I get text pictures of new pieces they have found and would like to know my thoughts.  It is so much fun.  I am actually taking a trip to LA over my birthday weekend to help them finish decorating their new place.

Along with all this fun comes stress.  One of the most common problems people have asked me about lately is to help them find an entertainment and media storage unit for under the new (obviously) flat screen TV! I currently have this problem as well. My TV is hanging on an arm on my brick wall. It needs shelves above and below it! Although I know what I would like to do, it won't happen until I can afford it.

Andy and Jennie recently had this problem but solved it quickly. Props to them! They live in an apartment complex and did not want to deal with hanging the TV on the wall and then having to patch it up when they moved out. So, they decided to purchase a piece of furniture to set their TV on.

Well, last night at Dallin's show, which was great, my friend Ryan was telling me about his current search for a piece for under his new flat screen TV.

However, my usual suggestions were quickly shot down as Ryan also lives in NYC and has already been to the places I suggested. I would normally start with CB2, West Elm and eventually move to IKEA.  I know the price range with my friends is a completely different price range than what I am used to working with. I am so not used to working with a budget (He he)! So, my three usual stores have great price ranges with contemporary and in style furniture that most people like.






So, this morning I was on the hut to help Ryan find something that would work. I went through all of my book marked favorites and found a few options.  These options are definitely a little more expensive than my usual suggestions to friends but, there are some great designs.

The first place I told Ryan to check was Design Within Reach.  I have purchased from DWR for my parents and for clients. My parents Dining Room table and chairs, Living Room Barcelona Chairs and Ottoman and Noguchi coffee table are all from DWR. They basically have reproduction of all the famous furniture designs. It is definitely more contemporary. So if this is the style you are going for and are willing to spend the money then this is the place to shop!


My second request to Ryan was Room & Board.  Room & Board is much more in the price range of CB2 and West Elm and also pretty similar in style.  They do have some great things.



My third suggestion was a recommendation from my coworker. They purchased a TV stand for a client a few years ago and said it was pretty inexpensive. I do not know if the prices are still the same but they do have a lot of options.  It is worth taking a look.




I hope this helps the search for the perfect entertainment/media center storage unit.  

I would love to put the same shelving system from The Container Store that I used for my closet above and below my TV. But instead of the wire racks I would like to use the metal shelves.  Who knows if I will even get to it before I move to a different apartment. Life these days have been pretty busy. 

If anyone has any questions about another other design issues or problems, please feel free to ask!

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