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Monday, January 18, 2010

Innovative Design: Samples to Trivets

As an Interior Designer, we get many vendors who either send us samples of new materials (fabrics, carpets, wall finishes, hardware...etc) , present samples or we go out and find new samples, we always have thousands left over in our office.  

Most of these samples we never use.  So, my very talented and creative coworkers decided we needed to do something about this.  Here is one example of one of their genius ideas.

We had about 50 floor samples from one vendor.  They sent all different styles, colors and species.  We picked out our favorite samples, the ones we would like to use for work one day, and decided to use the rest as trivets. How innovative.  So, we all picked some "trivets" and I was lucky enough to have some left over to send to my Mom.  Who, by the way, was in serious need of new trivets.  

The funniest thing was, for Christmas I wanted to get my Mom some new trivets.  She already has about six but, they were old and very out dated.  I just couldn't find any that I liked.  Then, I walked back into work on Monday morning and poof, there were these "trivets" sitting on my desk! It was so perfect! 

Here are the "trivets" I sent to my Mom!




Here are the "trivets" I kept for myself! 


So, before you think about throwing something away, be creative and see if there is another use for them. You never know you might come up with something genius like Susie and Jennifer! versatility 

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