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Friday, January 15, 2010

Iron Chef David

My best friend, Sara and I have this, what is supposed to be monthly dinner date with our good friend David.  Well, with the holidays it has been hard for everyone to get together. Now that the holidays are long gone, we decided to start up again.  Plus, we missed eachother. 

We usually go to David's house on a Thursday and he will cook for us while Sara and I bring the wine. David is a great cook.  We have always had amazing meals with great display. We are so spoiled!

It was always hard for me to get there at a decent time since I have my cycling class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  By the time I showered, dressed and hopped on the subway back uptown, it was close to 8:45pm. 

Now with Oliver, it has made it that much harder.  I hate leaving him home alone all day, then leaving him alone again while I workout. To leave again to go have dinner with friends on top of that, I just couldn't do it.  David said I could bring him but then I would have to go home and get him. I wouldn't arrive until close to 9:00pm.

So, David changed it up.  He said why don't we come to your place.  You and Sara can surprise me and buy whatever food you want, I'll bring the wine and we can have a mini Iron Chef! Sounded like a great idea to me.

Sara and I discussed groceries all week.  I told her what I had already in my pantry and we came up with the idea of Tex Mex, Southwestern, Mexican...You've got the point.

So here is the list of items we decided we needed to buy:

1) Chips... thin and crispy kind - SARA

2) Tortilla (flour) - HAVE

3) Hot Peppers (like japs or haberno's) - SARA

4) Avacados - HAVE 2

5) Tomatoes - SARA

6) Cheese (sharp chedder, or a mexican blend  and Pepper Jack) - ALEXIS

7) Salsa (medium to hot... I like hot but willing to compromise) - HAVE

8) Cilantro - SARA

9) Fresh Limes - SARA

10) Black Beans - SARA

11) Can of Corn - HAVE

12) Rice - ALEXIS

13) Green and Red Bell Pepper - ALEXIS

14) Lettuce - SARA

15) Chili powder - HAVE
16) Meat - ALEXIS
17) Wine - DAVID
The first thing we asked Dave when we unloaded all the groceries onto the kitchen counter was, did you have any idea what we were going to buy? Then we told him the theme. Of course he had no problem, popped open a bottle of wine and went straight to work. 

I really didn't pay too much attention. I was too busy chatting, drinking the amazing wine, making sure Oliver didn't get stepped on (He kept hovering because everything smelled so good. That dog has got one hell of a nose!) and snacking on chips.

I did catch him chop up the beef into small bite size pieces, place it into a bowl, squeeze a half of lime and add some cilantro.

Dave was a little shocked when I said I didn't have butter.  He said everyone should have butter just in case. So, he used some of my Smart Balance butter, sauteed some onions and added the meat to the pan.

Mmmm corn and beans!

He added seasonings and jalapenos.

He added the corn and bean mixture to a small pan with some salsa and I am sure other ingredients that I missed!

Then he started plating! He heated some tortillas, placed some lettuce and then topped it off with the meat, corn and bean mixture and some sour cream. To top it off he shreaded the pepper jack and added some of the cheddar mexican blend cheese.



Oliver also enjoyed having great company, great wine and great food.  He did get a little treat too. He got to lick up the crumbs off of the floor.  I have my own automatic vaccuum! It was a great night. The best part besides the company was the price tag on the whole night.  Sara and I each spent about $20 - $30 on groceries!
There are sure to be many more Iron Chef nights to come!

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