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Friday, January 22, 2010

Meatballs and Karaoke

I don't know what could be better than meatballs and karaoke. Well, maybe a few things but how exciting is this! I love meatballs. All sizes, shapes and kinds.  Actually, do meatballs come in shapes? Well, it could be fun I guess. 

I try hard to eat healthy.  It is pretty hard especially in my office.  Everyday there is some sort of sweet treat glowing on the center island behind my desk looking mouth watering delicious basically begging to be eaten.  And, usually it wins. Last week it was about three pounds of gummies and this week it was six gigantic crumbs cupcakes.  

So, it is great to know a meatball shop will be within walking distance from my apartment.  Less carbohydrates is what I'm talking about! 

Here is an article I found online from NY Eater about the Meatball Shop and Karaoke Bar! 

The East Village and LES' feared Community Board 3 has yet to put up itsSeptember agendas, but The Lo-Down gets its hands on a the SLA Licensing Committee docket. Unfortunately, there are no heavy hitters this month, but there are a few fun items. 1) Slurp, the sad Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Stanton and Allen will become Meatball Shop! Yes, a meatball centric restaurant, right down the street from the nabe's first poutine place and a dedicated artisan cannoli shop. This isn't going off the rails at all!

2) Sing Sing announced plans to open a new karoke joint over on West 4th Street, but by the looks of it they're expanding to the LES too. Their Karaoke Boho is applying for liquor at 196 Orchard. 3) Someone is finally taking the Kelly & Ping space at 325 Bowery. 4) A restaurant called Senor Izquierda hopes to open in theshuttered Pere Pinard on Ludlow. 5) Home Sweet Home is expanding its Chrystie Street space. Check back for more after the meeting on Sept. 14. 

I am also excited to hear that Home Sweet Home is expanding. It is one of my favorite basement bars.  It is dark, cozy and a lot of fun.  People tend to get in trouble there. I just hope it keeps its cozy feeling. 

 I learned about Home Sweet Home when I was hanging out with my brothers band The Pearls.  They were in town for a weekend and Zac Maloy had a friend he wanted to meet up with.  She happened to be at Home Sweet Home.  We had a lot of fun. Or at least I know I did. I still go back every now and then and enjoy my time there as much as I did the first time! 

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