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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Little Secret

I am usually pretty good at keeping up with the new places in my neighbor hood. I have to give most of the credit to Urban Daddy and Daily Candy.  But, when I received an email from my old neighbor, who I miss dearly, about a new bar that just opened up in Little Italy, I started to worry.  How did I not know about this place? I mean not only is it in Little Italy, it is actually on Mulberry Street.  How much closer could it get? Well, I guess I could live above it.

My favorite type of bars are bridge and tunnel speakeasy basement bars. Most of the time they are not too crowded, you get great bar service, they play good music, you can actually get a seat, you can hear each other talk and you do not wake up the next day with a sore throat.

So, for a bar which sounds like my kind of bar to open up on Mulberry street, you can believe that made me a very happy girl.  Like I already said in the last post, I love going to bars close to my apartment. And, let me say it again, It is not because I am lazy.

What a better name for this bar than My Little Secret.


Here is the Urban Daddy information on My Little Secret!

  We've got nothing against the modern-day speakeasy.

We're more than happy to go along with waistcoats, mustaches and intricate cocktails spiked with blackened mint bark bitters and absinthe foam.

But sometimes we just want to steal away to a hidden, dark, basement bar, listen to a little Sinatra and drink Barolo until the sun comes up.

Welcome to My Little Secret, an Italian speakeasy quietly opening its doors in the heart of Little Italy on Thursday for your late-night snacking and drinking comedown.

Now, normally a bar called My Little Secret opened by the cannoli king of Little Italy (Baby John Delutro) with an old-school gangster theme and a frosted-glass tommy gun on the wall

To find MLS, you'll be looking for a rather large, rather discerning bouncer standing at the base of a dark staircase on Mulberry Street. Barring any unforeseen setbacks with this gentleman, you'll find yourself in what feels like a wine cellar complete with low ceilings, red candles and cut-off wine barrels lining the wall.

There's a small bar up front, but you'll want to settle in one of the semi-private booths in the back, order up some risotto balls, lobster sliders and that bottle of Barolo. Come 4am, they'll lock the doors and if you happened to make nice with Baby John, you may find yourself at the bar taking down some limoncello before heading out into the night.

Or the morning. may not be your typical late-night hangout. Actually, yes, yes it would.

 So, I am hoping to head to My Little Secret soon. Possibly tonight before Dallin's concert. I am still hoping I can go. It has been very hectic since I have been back. I really think it should be mandatory that people take a one week vacation after their vacations. I think this world would be a little happier if that were the case.

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