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Thursday, January 21, 2010

ORK Posters

A while ago my friend Erin showed me the website ORK posters. I really liked them at the time and was not surprised to really like them again when I found them while browsing the web.

I thought it would be a perfect house warming gift for Andy and Jennie since they just moved into a new apartment and have no art what so ever. So, what more appropriate than an awesome, original poster of their new home Los Angeles, and all the neighborhoods.

ORK Posters is slowly coming out with new cities.  They do not have even close to all of them but they do have the biggest ones.  I love the New York City posters they have.  They have New York City, Brooklyn and Manhattan.  The Brooklyn poster just so happens to be my favorite.

I think the turquoise color would look the best in my apartment.  ORK has two different kinds of posters.  One is just a normal printed poster and the other is a screen print.  I would like to get the screen print.  There is only about a $5.00 difference.   

I wanted to show all of the city's they have because I think these posters are just genius. I wish I would have been creative enough to come up with something like this.  Props to the creator! 

So, here are all of the other designs:

They even have a heart and brain poster.  I would like to get the heart. It may have something to do with me and my birthday? I've always had this thing with hearts. The actual heart and the shape.

Here is the creator of ORK Posters. I borrowed the little snippet she wrote on the ORK Posters website.

My name is Jenny Beorkrem and I am the designer and founder of Ork Posters. I was born and raised in Bettendorf, IA, spent some great years in Madison, WI and have now landed in Chicago, IL. Beyond Ork Posters, I also do work on a freelance basis

Ork Posters was born when I embarked on a search for a neighborhood poster that fit my taste for good design and typography, simplicity, and originality. My hunt came up empty. As a result, I designed the original Chicago poster in the summer of 2007 for myself.

The poster hung on my living room wall for several months before I realized the potential of my new design was staring me in the face (literally). I ordered an inaugural print run of 20 and sold them on

In early November 2007, was launched, along with the addition of four more cities as screen prints (Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Boston) and a larger print run of the Chicago design. Less than a month later, the blog wildfire had been lit with talk about these new neighborhood posters. Friends and family were called in to take shifts fulfilling orders out of my dining room turned Ork Headquarters to meet the holiday rush. Following the successful holiday season, I was able to “leave the man behind” and devote myself to Ork full time. So began Ork Posters!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me to live a dream. For more information about Ork, click here.


Jennifer Beorkrem

Not only can you purchase the posters online, you can also purchase them in select cities. Please find below a list of cities and stores you can purchase one of these amazing posters!

You can also buy gift certificates on their website just in case you know the person you would like to buy for would LOVE them, you just might not know which poster they will LOVE the most!  

Another smart idea, besides the posters themselves, is ORK give different and creative ways to display and hang your ORK posters!

ORK also had one other great idea. They have a section on their website which allows people to post pictures when you spy an ORK poster! Here are some of the pictures on their website right now!

You can also join their email list!

Or, you can contact them directly! But, who does that now a days?

They also have a secion on their website with links of their favorite websites and stores, news about ORK Posters and frequently asked questions. So, hurry on over and purchase your ORK poster today! You can tell them about my blog too! You never know, maybe I'll get that Brooklyn screen print after all!

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