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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some days my job can be a lot of fun.  Like yesterday for instance.  I got to spend the afternoon shopping in Soho.  No, no, not for myself. Well, actually I did get a present but that is not the point.  My point is, I got to spend the afternoon shopping in Soho. 

My second stop was Aero.  Aero just happens to be two blocks away from my apartment so I am a frequent visitor.  I love this store. If I could I would probably furnish my entire apartment from here.  But, I can't. So, I just dream. 

Here are some pictures of the showroom.  It looked different yesterday so I am sure these are a few months old.  They were unloading some new stock which I wish I could have waited around for. But, I was on a hunt and had to move on. However, I will go back soon. 

Yesterday I was on the hunt for table lamps but I also kept my eye open for some other great pieces.  Here are some pieces that I loved. 

Some which happened to be on sale like this leather chair with a tubular steel frame.  The price was marked down from $1,400.00 to $500. Too bad I have no place to put it. 

I also loved these 1970's Danish chairs upholstered in faux sharkskin.  

I loved this floor lamp too. 

I mentioned I got a present for myself. For the past year I have wanted an Aero bag.  Erin, our old intern and friend, came in one day with one.  Ever since then I was hooked.  About two weeks ago my coworker and friend Jennifer came in with the Camel colored one. I decided that's it. I need one. So, I got one.  Choosing the color took took longer than actually deciding to purchase one. 

Here is my new bag. I love it. 

Aero also has great accessories.  They have a large hour glass on a metal stand that I fell in love with. They also have great sales on their accessories.  There is a whole wall behind the cash wrap full of shelves with accessories that are 50% off.  Great place to find house warming presents or just presents for yourself. 

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