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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Astrology Zone: Aquarius

 I usually don't read horoscopes.  But, after my coworkers read mine, they decided I needed to read it. It was not an option. Either they were going to read it out loud or I could read it on my own. Since it is my birthday month I decided why not?

Let's just say I'm glad I did and I hope it is right! 

By Susan Miller

This month could become a welcome turning point to a much more prosperous, stable future. For two years, and possibly longer, you were hit by a series of difficult planetary storms that whipped up suddenly and affected your finances negatively. That period is soon to end for good by July, but in the meantime, you will get very exciting, heartening news about money this month. It's clear that those clouds are lifting and a new day is dawning, dear Aquarius.

As the month begins, you just had a major event with someone with whom you share a present or past relationship. You may have been (or still are) close romantic partners, or this may be about a business partnership. The full moon of January 30 was explosive for most people, but perhaps less so for you. That full moon was opposite your Sun, and because Mars was also opposite your Sun and conjunct that full moon, if you had a bone to pick with a partner, it was time to have it out.

As you begin February, you may be thinking about this person and what happened. If your relationship is strong, any problems that came up were easy to solve, or will be solved by employing some finesse. If you were really fortunate, you didn't have any problems at all - this was a testing point - and you may have even discussed an engagement or marriage. If you are married or in an established partnership and did not notice any problems, you may have simply enjoyed doing a major collaboration together.

Most Aquarius are becoming a little weary of having Mars opposite their Sun by now, but you have a little ways to go. This has been going on since mid-October, so it is understandable that you may be wondering how much more you can endure with this person. Hosting Mars in Leo is not easy, but it will continue until June 7. After that you will gradually begin to gain control over this partnership question. It's exhausting, I know, having to explain and persuade so much - nothing seems to come easily lately, does it? Even though you have to put out a lot of effort, it doesn't mean you can't get your way, only that you will have to negotiate it.

You will have a big advantage this month, for when you have the Sun in your sign, you tend to win a lot of favor. That's an astrological axiom, and it works. As February opens, you will have the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in your sign, and on February 13, the new moon will join this trio - a lovely development. The fact that you will have such a buildup of energy in Aquarius will help you rebalance things. Keep arguing your case - this month is one of your best for getting things done your way.

Before I tell you about your cosmic gift certificate, the new moon in your own sign, to use any way you like, you will have two other aspects coming first, and I would like to tell you about those too, because they are very positive.

On the weekend of February 6-7, Venus will align perfectly in Aquarius, setting off a hauntingly romantic evening that you must try to use. This is a very glamorous vibration and thankfully, it will reach a high point over the weekend.

This same time of the month, February 6, is a very potent one, for two other important aspects will happen then, too. Uranus, your ruler, will signal Mercury and set off 100,000 new ideas. Uranus is the "higher octave" of Mercury, and both are very brainy planets. Ideas, messages, developments, and thoughts - all rolled into one - should delight you in many ways. Uranus is in your financial house and Mercury at the time will be in a confidential sector, so what you discuss could lead you to more money.

Jupiter will, at the same time, be speaking with Pluto, another sure sign that you are (or will be) on to something big. This is to be your money year, and in early February, it will be clear that your talks are leading in the right direction.

Your new moon in Aquarius arrives over February 13 and will strongly support you in the two weeks that come after it. It's important to note that this new moon will be conjunct Neptune, the planet of dreams and creativity, and is the patron of all the arts. Neptune is also the planet that rules your second house of income, so something you are about to launch should do well for you financially.

Of course, with Neptune, the planet with a double-edged sword, you always have to watch for deception or misunderstanding. Sometimes it's enthusiasm that sweeps us away in the flood that Father Neptune can bring. At other times, it's an unscrupulous person who is out to make money in a scam.

I doubt you would fall for anything like this, but judging by the sophisticated Ponzi schemes that have made the news, I felt I should mention this possibility, just in case anyone presents you with a proposal that seems just too good to be true. Ask lots of questions. If you are unsure, reject it.

I feel if you are single and have recently met a romantic partner that you are excited about, the "swept away" feelings may turn out to be feelings of love. If you haven't met anyone yet, you may do so soon. That may be a wonderful affect of this new moon.

It's also equally possible you will become very excited by a creative film, TV show, or musical album you're writing, a new script you are presenting, a dance you are choreographing - any of these or other artistic expressions could come up to completely capture your imagination.

If you were born on or within four days of February 13, you are to see your whole year filled with fresh starts. In fact, your whole year will seem very new, and the relationship you're in now and the project you start now may well be with you a year from now.

On February 16, Venus will join Jupiter and waltz across a star studded sky. This is a magical once-a-year meeting, and they have chosen to meet in your second house of earned income. This has several wonderful ramifications. First, you should see some sort of upbeat financial development at work. It's also possible that you will receive a valuable gift of jewelry on Valentine's Day, for you will feel the mounting energy of this configuration two days earlier.

Venus rules your home, so the happy news may have something to do with a real estate or family matter. If you are involved with any home-related goal, keep your feelers out at mid-month when you may get the news you've waited to hear.

An even bigger and more important day will arrive on February 27, when Jupiter will meet with the Sun in a legendary, five-star day that only happens once annually. These two heavenly bodies have not chosen to meet in your house of earned income since February 23, 1998, so this truly is a rare and wonderful day for business development, for getting a raise, or for seeing some sort of financial miracle. Try to schedule an important meeting, sale, presentation, or interview, or make a key application on this day. It's also outstanding for signing a contract.

There is one other possible outcome to the meeting of Jupiter and the Sun over the weekend of February 27-28. The Sun rules your partnerships, and although one partner certainly seems to have been driving you a little crazy, at this time of the month, partnership matters could not be better. I don't know if this is the partner who has been ruffling your feathers, or a different one, but one way or another, this person is about to make you very happy indeed. It's a wonderful time to sign a contract in business, or romantically, to promise your love.

Money will continue to be a theme up to the very last day of February. You will have a new moon February 28, lighting your house of credit, taxes, loans, and taxes. Perhaps you will complete your tax return. This will be the first year in a long time that you won't have Saturn in this house, so this juncture is not likely to be difficult at all. In fact you may get some good financial news at this time.


For two years, you've not been entirely happy with the way your finances were heading. It really doesn't matter how much you earned. The universe was challenging you with a host of unexpected circumstances that either directly or indirectly influenced your income and outgo. Now that situation will change for the better. At first you may assume your newfound luck is all a fluke, and that things will go back to the way they were, and that the same old tight finances will return. There is no need to conjure up those dark thoughts - the planets are now migrating into far better positions, and this month you will see proof that indeed, when it comes to money, better days lie ahead.

How wonderful to have this kind of news in birthday month. As you begin the month, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Neptune, and later, the new moon, February 13, will be in Aquarius. Each of these planets will act like friendly little relatives who love you and who will staunchly support you through thick and thin.

This month these happy planets will give you carte blanche to begin afresh, and to start off in a new direction of your choosing. If you want to be a pathfinder in a new realm, you can, for you'll soon see that the world is your oyster. Partners and associates have set the tone that you have been forced to dance to for months, but in February you will turn the tables and gain greater control. You can now voice your needs and opinions, confident that others will listen to what you have to say and respond in a way that pleases you.

Venus will be in Aquarius until February 10, so use the first six days of the month to book appointments with your hairdresser and other stylists. It's a New Year, and time for a new look.

Romantically, the weekend of February 6-7 should be one of your best, for Venus will combine forces with Neptune and spin a dream of love.

Valentine's Day could be special too, simply because the fabulous new moon in Aquarius, February 13 will be so supportive of your plans and feelings. You'll be feeling happy and inspired, charged up, and ready to serve up lots of ideas. It is the best time of the year for you to draw up blueprints for new ventures, especially ones that allow you to show your creativity or knack for innovation.

Neptune will be very prominent at this new moon, a planet strongly associated with the arts. In truth, a new moon doesn't just give you a day or two in which to act, but a wide window of two weeks, so you will have the whole second half in which to launch plans. Admittedly, that week of February 13-20 will be strongest. Keep in mind that you are building a new cycle now, and many of the decisions you make this month, and relationships you forge, will still be in place a year from now.

The first proof you will see that finances are taking a lovely up tick will come on or in the days leading to February 16 when Venus will meet with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. These two planets are both associated with financial gain, and when they rendezvous in your second house of earned income, there is a strong possibility someone will give you a very valuable, beautiful gift.

Because Venus also is the ruler of your solar fourth house of home and property, you may get some good news associated with real estate. You may buy or sell property or other things you own in the home and get a fine price, or you may find the perfect piece of furniture to buy for your living room or bedroom. It's also possible you will order a renovation or repair in your home - a good time to do so.

Later, on February 26-28, you will have enormous possibility for growth and profit, for this will be the day when Jupiter will meet with the Sun. This is a configuration that produces the luckiest day of the year. Actually, last year we didn't have a luckiest day because Jupiter didn't ever align with the Sun. This time they will meet in your financial house, and that's not happened in twelve years. The last week of February will be so fortunate for your financial interests that you should schedule important business meetings or presentations. You won't see a day this strong again for another 12 years! If you like, you can sign a contract at month's end too, and that deal would be a really outstanding one!

The Sun rules your partnership sector, so this same set of days, February 26 to 28, could bring you a very memorable moment - someone close may do something to show you just how much they love you (or if it is business, appreciate you). You may get a gift - a diamond perhaps - or a heartfelt confession of love. If you are not attached, you may have special luck from a business partner who unearths the opportunity of the century for you.

This last day of the month brings one more configuration, the full moon in Virgo in your house of other people's money. If you have anticipated an account receivable, it is likely to come at this time. You may see a commission, cash settlement, tax refund, or other money owed to you. It is also possible you'll be writing checks to others, but this time, you'll have more than enough to cover. That's a great feeling!

Dates to Note for Aquarius:

Venus will be in Aquarius until February 10, so in the first ten days, spend time on improving your appearance. It's an ideal time to do so!

The new moon in Aquarius February 13 will be your moment to speak up and decide on the direction you want to take in your new birthday year.

February 5-6 should be hauntingly romantic, thanks to Venus conjunct Neptune.

The new moon February 13 will be in effect for two weeks, and during that time you will exude confidence and special sparkle. Go out and meet people - others will be drawn to you. If attached, you won't be disappointed with this romantic night for lovers.

One of the best moments of the month will be February 27-28 for those who are attached - someone close is about to show you how much you mean to him or her.

Ideas come to you easily on February 5 and 6, and a problem you have been grappling with may suddenly be solved. Mercury will signal Uranus, so your intuition will be unusually sharp - in fact you may be tapping into some sort of mysterious pool of energy and surprise yourself with your results.

If you need to improve your home or add an appliance or new piece of furniture, you will find beautiful options February 16. Buying and selling home-related items or an actual house or condo would go well too at that time

Money luck will be wonderful February 16 but even more powerful on February 26, 27, or 28. Schedule a key meeting for those dates to take full advantage. Later you may say that the luck you experienced when Jupiter met with the Sun was nothing less than a miracle.

The full moon in your eighth house of other people's money falls on February 28 too, and it will be strong for a plus or minus four days. You may have to pay a large bill, but this time you will have more than enough to cover. The days of drought are coming to an end, and although you will have to be careful from April through July, after that you won't likely have any of the financial challenges that you've been plagued with before.
Best romantic evenings: February 2, 3, 5-7, 13, 14-16, 21, 27, and 28.

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