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Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYC Birthday Celebration

It feels like I have been celebrating my birthday for the entire month of February.  Well, I kind of have.  Between office celebrations, family celebrations and friends, my birthday has extended for about three weeks now.  I still have two birthday dinner to look forward to too. I feel so special!

This past weekend was my NYC Birthday celebration with my best friends here in this great city. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends. Poor Whitney was home sick and could not join us. Next time, Whit!

Kristen and Mike had all of us over to their adorable apartment in the Meatpacking District for some champagne before dinner. Kristen broke out the mega camera and snapped some, as Rion called them, "Prom Pictures." I am sure to get a hold of them soon and will show them off. 

After some bubbly we headed to Buddakan.  I had not been to Buddakan in a long time and it was the perfect atmosphere for this occasion. I was greeted by two friends I had not seen in a long time from back in the day when I hosted there for seven months!

My good friend David could not make it as he was called off to DC to work. But, he did send a bottle of champagne to the table! Thank you again David for such a sweet gesture. David is one of the two birthday dinners I am looking forward to in the future. He is currently still in DC. 

Sara, Rion, Me, Adam, Mike, Kristen and Emma. 

My best friends (minus Whitney)!

I think the only drama of the night was ordering dinner.  Everyone wanted to try everything.  We ended up with so much food we could have fed the entire Library at Buddakan. We had noodle dishes, rice dishes, meat dishes, sides of vegtables and of course we had my all time favorite Edamame Dumpligs. 
 Actually, we had three orders. 

What can I say, everyone loved them! I of course had the filet for my main course! It was the hit of the night. I highly recommend it. The sauce just melts in your mouth. 

Because it was my birthday they sent out a beautiful display of the Crying Chocolate Cake. They also sent out a second dessert which was a Carrot Cake. It was fantastic. Thank you Sara! 

After Buddakan we went to My Little Secret! We had the best seats in the house! It was an "L" shaped booth that fit all 15 of us. Vinny, the manager was great. He played our iPods, made sure we always had drinks and of course treated us like kings and queens. It was a great place to chill, relax and have a great time chatting with friends

Mike bought the girls Limoncello shots which were delicious! Thank you again Mike! 

Zach bought us one of My Little Secrets newly invented shot "Purple Hooter" which was also great! 

Some of the girls getting ready to head out to the next bar! We had to snap a quick picture in front of the cool barrels! 

Vinny decided to hop on in the shot! Thank you Vinny for being so great! 

I would just like to make note of the shoes I am wearing. They were brand new with a 4" heel purchased specifically for that night. And, I wore them all night. I made Shannon proud! 

After My Little Secret we headed to Spring Lounge where we caught up with some other friends and ended up at The Patriot Saloon. We hung out with some new friends and ended up heading home around 6am.  All I can say was it was a fantastic birthday. 

The only thing that would have made the night better is if David, Whitney and Craig were there. So Craig, I am ready for my birthday dinner! 

I have amazing friends. 

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  1. Wow, the whole month indeed. Seems you only have a birthmonth. That must be very fun to celebrate.