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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jamali Garden

A few weeks ago, on a slow day at the office, my coworker Susie and I decided to step out for a quick look at some wedding decorations for her upcoming nuptials in September.  Susie has decided to purchase all supplies and make all of her wedding decorations.  Sounds like a huge task but if anyone can do it, I know Susie can.  I am also excited to help her if she needs it.  I am an arts and crafts nerd at heart. 

Susie did all of the research. I just came along for the ride.  Our first stop was Jamali Garden Supplies. This place was great! Not to mention cheap! Here are some of the items they had:

Glass cylinders all shapes and sizes. These can be used for flowers, stones, candles and other decorations. I even became pretty creative and found one large enough for an umbrella stand. 

I was very excited. I have been wanting an umbrella stand for a few years now. For our clients we purchase glass cylinder umbrella stands from one of my favorite stores Aero. But, the umbrella stand is very expensive like most of the store. I believe this umbrella stand is $2,300.00. 

Aero Umbrella Stand

This is the umbrella stand that I found. As you can see it is a lot less than $2,300.00. It works just as well. Now, if I could only stop losing umbrellas so I have something to put in it! 

They also have a great assortment of colored glass objects.  Colored objects are a great way to add color to a room.  Flowers and candles with these objects also add a cozy homey feeling. 

They have a small assortment of candles all shapes, sizes and colors including tea lights.   

Along with all of the glass accessories, they have some metal finished accessories including trays, bowls and urns. I loved some of the metal trays. 

Here are some of the wood items they sell.  Along with the glass and metal, they have most of the same items in a wood or wood veneer finish. These glass, metal and wooden accessories are great for organizing as well. 

I has a similar metal tray to the ones above where I keep my everyday jewelry in.  You can also use them to organize mail, tissues, or other items that always seem to clutter rooms. 

They also have a great selection of ribbons all different colors, patterns and sizes.  Susie even found a Saffron ribbon which is one of her colors for the wedding. 

Jamali Garden is located on the west side of Manhattan.  It wasn't the easiest to get to from our office but it was definitely worth the trip. I am still very excited about my umbrella stand! 

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