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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ninety Minutes to Brinkley's

Last night was our final 75 minute spin class after a thirteen week run.  To celebrate, Amy decided to make it a 90 minute class.  Yes, that was her way of celebrating. So many people were requesting the class to be 90 minutes and Anthony even said if Amy mad the class 90 minutes that he would have all of us over to his restaurant, Brinkley's, with the first round on him! 

With the expectations set so high, of course Amy made it happen. And she did so with a 17 song playlist of our favorite tracks including Hey Soul Sister and You Already Know by Train, Empire State of Mind, My Delirium, and Sex on Fire! 

After class, about 15 of us went to Brinkley's for drinks and dinner. 

We had Grandma Dolly's Famous Meatballs and two things I can't find on the menu, brussels sprouts with bacon (very tasty) and fried oysters. 

I didn't order dinner but got to taste everyone's.  The Homemade Mac & Cheese was delicious. It was made with orechetta pasta.  The Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin was also delicious. It had a hint of sweet from the fruity mustard. I tried the mashed potatoes which came with the Roast Free Range Organic Chicken. I love mashed potatoes. 

I have been to Brinkley's once before and had the Jerusalem Artichoke Soup which was fabulous, the Cauliflower Cheese and I believe the Creamy Leak Dip. Everything was wonderful then too. 

One of the cool aspects of Brinkley's is that all the food, wine and beer is local. I think the concept of a local menu is a great idea. They list, on the menu, where each wine and beer is from. 

You can check out the Urban Daddy Article about Brinkley's too! 

Today, I am really feeling the aftermath of the 90 minute spin class. I am completely fatigued and exhausted. But, when Amy brings back the 75 minutes, you bet I will be there! 

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