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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love living in Soho for many reason. One reason is the shopping.  As much as I love shopping for myself, I am also lucky enough to be able to spend my time and others money while shopping for work.  Another one of my favorite stores in Soho, along with Aero, is Ochre

Ochre has so many different items I love which include some affordable things.  They have great (great, great) linens, pillows, blankets, and accessories including glasses and books. 

The Arctic Pear Table Lamp is one of my favorite lamps right now. I would love to use this in one of my projects someday. Actually, what I would love more is to own it myself.

The Arctic Pear Chandelier is and has been one of my favorite chandeliers for years now. I am dying to use this somewhere. Maybe I can talk my parents into it. Although, I can't think of where they would put it. 

They also have these really cool Horn Handles. They come in four different sizes and two different finishes, brown and pale. We are actually thinking about using them for a clients dressing room.  I love the look. Once again you can see my love for more masculine than feminine things.  

One of my all time favorite items Ochre has is their quilts. They have them in all different colors.  The stitching is usually white but there have been times where the color changes.  We use these all the time for clients. They are a big hit. 

Ochre also has really great pillows.  They are usually around $90-$100 and come in all different shapes from square to lumbar. The linen quality is fantastic and they also have a great hand.  The pillows also seem to come in my favorite masculine colors. 

OCHRE creates objects of style and beauty which are both timeless and contemporary. The collection consists of furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior, the emphasis being on the use of very high quality materials and flawless British craftsmanship. The simplicity and honesty of form and proportion, together with the luxurious materials result in an understated elegance, which has become the signature for OCHRE

Ochre is a small design company founded by two British women with enough ideas in common and enough independence to inspire each other to start a company which continues to grow organically, whilst staying true to its underlying principles: to use high quality materials and flawless craftsmanship to create objects of style and beauty which are both timeless and contemporary.

Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald met at art school and were inspired to put some of their ideas into practice for their debut at 100% Design in London in 1996.  The first creations were exquisitely crafted gessoed lamp bases, which were delicately coloured, water gilded and perfectly balanced with simple shades. The recurring themes of Ochre’s work – proportion, texture, contrast and finish – were all in place.  The simplest of lines describe pieces that perform the most necessary of functions, and do so with style, honesty, and understated elegance.  Ochre is admired for not only creating perfect forms – but also the use of colours: those of heather, bracken, wet and dry stone, water, and sky.  This quiet beauty has become a signature for Ochre.  Ochre’s work has the rare ability to serve more than its primary function, leading to a quietly powerful presence, often sculptural, always elegant, and invariably speaking of harmonious, intelligent design.

Solenne de la Fouchardi√®re became the third partner of Ochre in October 2000, and the team continued to expand their horizons.  Sophisticated lighting remains at the core of Ochre’s collections, with an emphasis on the handmade and invariably careful consideration of the way light is cast, whether from a chandelier or a lamp.  Not until all the boundaries of a material are explored - the possibilities and limitations - does an Ochre creation come into being.  An expanded portfolio now offers the possibility of an even more complete Ochre interior – tables, occasional furniture, mirrors, wall panels, screens, seating, accessories, and a range of upholstered pieces in which the visual offer of comfort is no false promise: all these are pieces which deliver far more than restrained glamour and harmonious proportion.

In April 2005, Ochre opened a showroom in New York reflecting ever-increasing interest in North America.  The demand for Ochre’s unique style continued to grow, culminating in the launch of Ochre’s first ever retail shop in September 2006.  Located in SoHo at 462 Broome Street, the new shop offers Ochre’s signature designs, in addition to products by other talented names from around the world – including Christiane Perrochon and Daniel Smith ceramics, Kirsten Hecktermann cushions and throws, and Miller Harris fragrances, to name a few.  The store also includes a sunlit, airy reading room with an extensive collection of design and architecture literature. 

In October 2006, Ochre relocated to a newly renovated workshop in Clerkenwell, in the heart of London, an area with the most condensed number of architects and interior designers in the whole of Europe, thus raising Ochre's presence in the industry.

OCHRE UK Showroom: view map »
open by appointment only
Studio G20 Clerkenwell Workshops,
27/31 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R OAT
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7096 7372 | Fax: + 44 (0)20 3006 1584
OCHRE at Novaluce Palais Royal: view map »
6 rue de Valois,
75001 Paris
Tel: + 33 (1) 42 60 33 00
OCHRE Shop: view map »
Monday - Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sunday - 12pm to 6pm 
462 Broome Street (between Mercer and Greene)
NY NY 10013
Tel: + 1 (212) 414 4332 | Fax: + 1 (212) 219 1161

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