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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Funday

This weekend we had the most amazing weather in months.  I even got a sunburn on my face! Both days were beautiful but Sunday was stunning. I spent the entire day outside. Oliver and I enjoyed the first part of the morning in Washington Square Park reading and people watching.  

I got at least four chapters in my book read. I am reading the dirt Motley Crue. I am only on chapter nine and trying really hard not to wonder if some of it is fabricated.  I can't believe they aren't in jail or dead. But it is a very entertaining read.

Around 1:30pm Emma came and met us at the park. We headed to Grey Dog Cafe and ordered our favorite drink, Chai Tea Latte.  I also grabbed a bite to eat and we headed back to Washington Square Park to meet Kristen and Mike.  From there we started our journey.  

We headed over to the West Side Highway Hudson River Park.  

To see a list of outdoor activities along the park you can visit their website.

They recently renovated the park and it is beautiful.  They added a large promenade along the waters edge for walking.  There were grassy areas with play grounds, basket ball and tennis courts, benches and sculptures and art along the path.  There is also a separate great bike path.  Everyone and their dog, literally, was out walking.  I guess that's what happens when the weather hits above 50. 

These pictures were taken somewhere between Canal and Harrison Streets.

These pictures were taken around the Rector Park area. 

I believe this picture is from Esplanade South Park Cove.

We walked all the way down to Battery Park where we sat on the benches and watched Oliver run figure 8's around me.  Then we got up and started our walk to Mike and Kristen's house up on 20th Street and Ninth Avenue. 

Here is the same shot as the first picture on this blog but a few hours later when the sun was starting to set. 

Oliver even made a new, much bigger friend. This is four year old Nelson. He was headed to the dog park and could not focus on anything else. 

We were almost back to their apartment when we met Nelson.  All the way up at Pier 54. This was mile seven.  

When we got back to Mike and Kristen's, our feet were in so much pain.  Yes, all three of us soaked our feet for a good 15 minutes. It was pretty fantastic. 

Then we ordered delivery and watched the Oscars. Oliver was a rock star. I can't believe he walked all 7.5 miles with me. I was so impressed.  He totally crashed when we got back.

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  1. Wow, you guys are all troopers hiking all that... especially Oliver. Way to go little one!