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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tartinery NoLita

Within the past few weeks so many new restaurants, bakery's and stores have opened up not just in my neighbor hood but actually on my street, Mulberry Street. I am now lucky to have a new bakery, The Village Tart (even though I had to lose a tailor) and a delicious Italian sandwich restaurant. looking French restaurant.  There is also a Mediterranean restaurant, Balaboosta, opening up on the North East side of Mulberry just North of Spring Street.  So far, the interior looks like it has a pretty rustic feel.  

To add to this list of deliciousness is a new, amazing looking, French restaurant, Tartinery.

Once again, every morning on my way to work, for years, I have been walking by this boarded up space with workers coming in and out.  I would try my hardest to peak in the door if someone left it open a little too long. But, no luck. Then one day on my way home from work the boards were gone and this amazing finished restaurant appeared. Almost like out of nowhere.  I literally stopped in shock before stepping up to the windows to check it out.  I almost walked right in. 

As of now, Tartinery is only open for Lunch from 12-5pm. Later this month they will open for dinner. I have been checking their website daily so I can be one of the first to make a reservation.  I cannot wait. 

(From their website)
Tartinery is the modern version of the traditional French bistro. The concept revolves around the French Tartine, a classic toasted open-faced sandwich, which will transport you into an original and very european atmosphere.
Our tartines are prepared with high quality bread and the finest ingredients. We believe the tartine to be the best alternative method to offering an innovative dish that can be at the same time gourmet, casual and fast.
We also offer a variety of soups and salads as well as freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and french wines. We are working very closely with Poilâne, a renowned Parisian bakery, in order to add a touch of authenticity to our tartines.
We seek to promote a culture defined by "retro-innovation" - to capture the best of the past and merge it with the best of the modern. This notion symbolizes the perfect equilibrium between traditional catering and an innovative business model tailored to today's consumer needs. 

Urban Daddy: A Little French Place in NoLita

Romance is easy.

There are ground rules. Methods. Well-established scientific schemes forged over years of intense fieldwork.

But the casual date remains a precarious and often poorly executed excursion.

Here to help keep things simple is 
Tartinery, a breezy French café opening tomorrow in Nolita.

Built by three French friends who noted a serious lack of authentic Parisian tartines (a sort of open-face sandwich served on razor-thin slices of French bread) in New York, Tartinery has all the ingredients for a 
Parisian evening of enchantment—charming, sharable French food, Serge Gainsbourg on the radio and a live tree in the middle of the dining room (proper foliage, of course, is crucial for any great date spot).

There are two floors: the food bar/open kitchen on the ground level good for sharing a tartine (go for the 
Rosbif, Foie Gras or lobster) and some bread (flown in daily from a bakery in Paris)—all prepped by chefs trained in France—while discussing your taste in berets.

But the downstairs is where you'll decamp for cozier moments—every table is a two-top, save for the communal table (for those moments when you can't bear to choose one dining partner). Or ask your garçon for a seat near the double-sided fireplace, a task made easier by the oversized numbers written on every table—be sure to request 
dix or onze (10 or 11) for maximum fire.

Or, as the French say, "en fuego." 

Here are some more online articles about Tartinery NoLita:

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