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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clover Club

On Friday after shopping in SoHo, having drinks outside at Kittichai in the 60 Thompson  Hotel and a delicious dinner at Bianca with Dad, Sara, Charl and Craig we headed to Smith Street in Brooklyn for some fancy fizzes and punches! 

Sara has been talking about Clover Club for ever! I don't know why I had never been before. I guess I never really went out in Brooklyn. But, now I do! 

Emma met us there and we had an order of the Bread Pudding which was to die for. Probably the best Bread Pudding I have had in New York City. Honestly and Bread Pudding is my favorite dessert. It's all in the sauce! I also hate when people try to get too fancy and throw in chocolate or apples. You all know how I feel about chocolate and I just don't like the crunch of the apples. Now I'm craving Bread Pudding. Sara, Emma, this weekend?

We didn't stay long because Dad got tired, He's gettin up there people. Anyway, the place was awesome. One of the coolest spots I've been to in New York City. The vibe was cool and chill, the atmosphere and aesthetics matched the concept as well as the drinks. The music was a mix between blues and jazz. Obviously my Dad loved it. Totally his kind of place. 

The credit to this find goes to Sara! Thanks again Sara for taking us to the kind of place you would want to go to when you come to New York City, a place you can't get somewhere like Tulsa, OK.  Maybe if there were more places like this in Tulsa I would go back more often. 


“Who enters here leaves care behind, leaves sorrow behind, leaves petty envies and jealousies behind.”
So went the motto of the original Clover Club, a select group of Philadelphia journalists who, from 1882 until the 1920’s met once a month at the Bellevue Hotel to eat and drink and talk. The only people the above words didn’t necessarily apply to were their guests, celebrities of the day who were invited to address the club and were heckled relentlessly once they did—the more pretentious or self-important they were, the worse they got it. But they came anyway. Maybe it was because “Major” Moses P. Handy, the club’s president, knew everyone who was anyone and was liked by them all. Or maybe it was the challenge—if you could get over with the Clover Club, you could get over anywhere. Probably, though, they came and took their lumps because of George Boldt. Boldt, you see, was the Bellevue’s manager, and—in all matters pertaining to food and drink, anyway—he was a perfectionist.
To sit at his table was worth a little ribbing. Throw in a couple of the club’s famous cocktails, and you’d be singing along with the best of ‘em: “While we live we live in clover; When we die we die all over!

The decor is great. You feel the concept right when you walk in between the scraped wood floors, tin ceiling, and the wood bar that looks like it used to be in an old wealthy mansion.
The glasses, dishes, silverware even matched the concept. The place was just over all cool. 

Here are some stolen pictures (sorry) of the drinks they serve at Clover Club. 
Don't they just look divinely delicious! 

The menu at Clover Club also looked fantastic. As I mentioned earlier we had just eaten at Bianca and didn't have much room in our bellies except for dessert. When don't I have room for dessert? Never. 
Next time I go back, I will save room for brunch or dinner. They do have quite the nice Liquid Brunch menu! 

Liquid Brunch

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  1. all your posts make me hungry and thirsty! oh and want to live in new york!! im jealous!! hope your doing great!