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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fifth Floor Updates

It has been a while since I have done an update on my fifth floor walkup. Since most of the apartment is complete, I have been working on accessorizing. I'm trying not to over do it.  It's really hard not to because living and working around so many great places makes my case of the "I wants" much worse. 

So, Here are some things that were there when I moved in, have appeared throughout my four years and are still on the "I want" list. 

Alexa, the girl who lived in my apartment before me, gave me the option to purchase the furniture from her. It was an obvious yes seeing that it is a fifth floor walkup.  Plus, the furniture was all from Crate & Barrel. It was really nice stuff.  She also had great taste. 

The Closet. The Study. The Bedroom. The Living Room. 

One of the accessories that came along with the purchasing of all the furniture in the apartment deal was the Ponzio Table Lamp from Crate & Barrel. 

I love the shape, size and color. It adds just the right amount of punch in the corner next to my bed! Plus, my Euro shams are almost the exact same color.  Worked out perfectly! 

As I have blogged about before, my Dachshund Bookends from Jonathan Adler are still one of my favorite accessories. 

They are kind of hard to see in this picture but they are doing a great job holding up some of my Interior Design books and Architectural Digest magazines that MAC II has been featured. 

I love my Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams from Anthropologie which is displayed on one of my brand new Art Deco tables.  

One of our vendors graciously donated a pair of these tubular chrome with glass top side tables to my little walk up. I love them! They were just want I needed. 

I love my Anthropologie rug. However, since Oliver, I have had to pick up most of my rugs (which I actually have grown to like more because of the dust and dirt that is tracked in). I picked up all but this one. Well, Oliver also loves it and has decided to chew a nice big hole right in the middle. The corners have also gotten a nice nibbling. Oh well. They say this is what makes a house a home. Right? 

I have also found my favorite candle. I love this scent. I am not a flowery person. I am more of a fresh clean scent or berry fruity person. I love the Voluspa candles. They have different sizes and shapes and the tins are great. They also last forever. You can get them at Gracious Home and Anthropologie. 

I purchased this large trivet made from recycled newspaper from Sylvester & Co. in Sag Harbor last year when I went for a weekend with Jen. I thought it was perfect for my little round dining table. 

This tray was one of my all time favorite purchases. I LOVE it! I got it from Nina Griscom which is now out of business.  I bought it on sale on one of their last days open. Jen had to talk me into buying it but I am so glad she did. 

I have previously mentioned a very sad day in my life when I broke my hour glass. The day I bought my hour glass from CB2 was a very happy day. I couldn't wait to get it home! I loved it. But now it is gone and sold out at the CB2 four blocks from my apartment. I am still in mourning. I believe there is still traces of green sand between the cracks in my hardwood floors. One day I will replace it. 

I got this lamp from Target years ago and guess what, they still have it! It's not amazing but it does it's job well. Plus I have an excuse to display some of my fun accessories on the three shelves! 

When I first moved to NYC I purchased a new bed quilt from Urban Outfitters for $100.00. I love it. But, over the past four years things have spilled on it, it has ripped in a few places and the padding in the middle is non existent in some places. It was so soft and light weight. I am always hot. Especially sleeping. I can't sleep if I am hot. So, I need a light weight bed cover and this one was perfect! 

Well, after a few more rips and tears I realized my sewing skills were not up to par to save the poor thing. It was time to buy a new one. I searched for months. There was nothing the same quality, weight and most importantly design and colors that I liked for a good price.  Once I stopped looking I found it.  It just so happened to be in California at the Urban Outfitters on Melrose (Jennie and Andy could you please confirm this for me?). 

The store could not confirm if the quilt was on the website so just to be safe I bought it there and had it shipped to me. Well, it turns out it is online and so are the pillow shams! 

My awesome Aunt Debby just purchased the shams for me! I can't wait to get them and take a picture to show everyone! Thank you so much Aunt Debby! You're the best! 

RIP old quilt. I still love you more than the new one but you're time has come to the end. I am going to keep the old quilt for times when I have friends staying over and I need an extra one. Occasionally I will put it back on because I still feel the colors and design is better for my apartment. 

Along with most of the furniture I mentioned before, Alexa also left this great Parson's floor length mirror. It has a thick metal frame and is very very heavy. Trust me. I had to move it once when they were sealing my brick. Not a fun task. 

I decided to snap some pictures of my clean apartment before Dad came and took over. No offense Dad. You did a great job keeping my obsessive compulsive self happy. 

I inherited the print above my bed from my parents old house. I love the silver frame, the large matte and the colors in the print. It is a great little piece. The floral piece is from Target. I thought the colors went well in my apartment. 

Welcome to my closet. I have spoken highly before of my Elfa closet system from the Container Store. Yes, it always stays this neat, color coded and crowded. Yes, before you ask the hangers are color coded too. I might have a massive slight obsessive compulsive disorder. 

This was after I went through all of my clothes. I now have a black garbage bag outside my door full.  I am sure I could fill another one with the things I don't wear but I keep having the "what if's." 

We also purchased the existing hamper in the apartment which is a great one I might add. You can get it at Gracious Home and the Container Store

And then there is my famous "Desk Wall. Yes, I blogged about this wall before about a year ago. I haven't touched anything since. I still love the wall.  One day when I get my printer up and working again I will add my photography to about three to four of the frames. 

I even inspired a few of my friends. I'll ask them for pictures so I can show everyone how easy it is! I haven't been back to IKEA yet but maybe one day soon. 

I have inherited a broken mirror from Williams Sonoma Home. The mirror smashed and completely broke out of the frame.  For months it sat at work collecting dust. So, I decided to adopt it. 

Because I already have three mirrors in my apartment I decided I would put an existing print or poster I already had in it. And that I did.  Eventually I will get a nice print to exchange for the Hobby Lobby college house poster but for now this will do. 

Here is the second table to my tubular chrome framed deco tables. I have it closer to the entrance of the Living space next to my old Target college house chair. My coworker Jen gave me the cute little carved wooden statue. She told me what it is called but I will have to haver her remind me. I believe it is from Mexico. 

My Mom was a genius when the idea of shoe boxes came out of her mouth. Before my nice shoes were getting covered with dust and piled on top of each other. We just couldn't let that happen so during our girls weekend she had the great idea of shoe boxes.  We had to keep aesthetics in mind since I am an interior designer. Everything has to be convenient but also look good.  

I got the boxes from the Container Store. There were ten per pack and fairly cheap. I got twenty boxes for my flats and sandals. 

My nice boots finally stand on their own. They look great doing it too! Thanks to these boot shapers from Bed Bath and Beyond

One of my top to do things for my apartment is get a new bookcase to replace the wire cube one currently under my closet system.  My books are starting to overflow and I need more space. 

I would like something more solid, longer and darker. Possibly something wood to match the color of the wood facade on the front of my closet system. 

I found this one from IKEA which would be perfect! Hopefully I will be able to get it soon! It is a great price!

Another addition I need to my apartment is a jewelry box. Currently I have all of my jewelry in a plastic drawer on top of the wire cubes.  It is hard to keep organized and extremely hard to find things.

 I found these West Elm boxes that I love.  They used to have a pumpkin/coral colored one but I guess that is more of a fall color.  They currently have a very light purple, silver and white. They are lined in a light grey felt and seem like they are well crafted and made. 

One of my most recent impulse purchases is this Vera Bradley note pad. I couldn't find the exact color I bought but this is very similar. For the past few years I always needed a post it or small pad and for some reason never purchased one. Well, I finally did. I think it looks great on my desk. 

The Kitchen.

One of my favorite kitchen utensils are my lime green set of colanders. I purchased the large one first. I realized I needed another because I usually had the first one in the fridge filled with grapes or fruit and had nothing to drain my pasta in. So I purchased the medium one for my grapes. They also look great in my kitchen! 

I got them from Whole Foods but you can also purchase them from Target

You should remember my umbrella stand I got from Jamali Garden. I have put it to good use. I might only have two umbrellas but it looks nice. 

My second recent impulse buy is this lime green hook magnet for the pot holders on my oven. Alexa left this suction hook that recently fell off multiple times. I decided it was time to get a new one. 

It was just a coincidence that when I was buying something the other day at Paper Presentation they had one lime green magnetic hook looking right at me. The Container Store also has them. 

Speaking of Pot holders, I recently purchased an oven mitt and pot holder after my adorable little puppy chewed mine. Of course I got them from Anthropologie and of course they are lime green. I don't know where I got this lime green fetish from but apparently it is pretty obvious that I have it. 

My kitchen towels are also from, yes you guessed it, Anthropologie. I love them. I use them more for decoration than anything but they do add great color and style to the kitchen. 

Because I have no place to hang a towel, I got one of these towel hooks that hang on the top of the cabinet. It comes in very handy. You can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond

I also purchased this painted black metal and three stone shelf etagere. It works great as a bar in my kitchen! 

The most useful piece of furniture probably in my whole apartment is my kitchen granite top cart on wheels. My kitchen was poorly designed. Who ever designed the apartment never really thought about what cooking would be like in the actual apartment. I guess they were concentrating more on fitting everything in. 

So, my kitchen ended up being a backwards "L" shape. Therefore all of the counter space is on the long part of the "L" and the stove and sink are the only things on the shorter part of the "L." There is absolutely no counter space next to the sink or stove. 

It makes it very hard to cook and clean. So, this kitchen cart comes in very handy. I station it over against the wall for the most part but when I cook I can wheel it over in front of the stove.  Now, I have a small island. It works wonders. I also have room to store four bottles of wine and Oliver's clothes and treats in the wire basket.  

And on to my dishes. Of course they are from Anthropologie. One of my favorite things about these bowls is that when one breaks, you can always replace it! Possibly with a different color but they are always available. I have six different colors at the moment. 

They always come out with new colors and I always want at least one to two of the new colors. Of course I don't need more than six bowls. So that keeps me from buying any new ones. However, I do have a red one that looks like it is about to crack. Hopefully there will be a new fun color by the time it breaks. I'm sure there will be. 

Spring cleaning isn't just happening here on my fifth floor but also at my office.  We recently went through baskets of fabrics and tossed what we don't use. One which happened to be this pillow case from Roberta Roller Rabbit. I thought what a great doggy bed. So, I brought it home, cut open an old pillow and stuffed it. 

As you can see Oliver loves it! The best part, I can unzip it, pull the stuffing out and have it washed with my laundry. 

The Bathroom.

I have gotten pretty lucky with my bathroom. It is small but not tiny and there is a tub. A lot of apartments in this city do not have tubs. My neighbors don't even have a tub. I love my tub. 

My bathroom along with the rest of my apartment has gotten a face lift throughout the past four years.  Alexa installed the medicine cabinet and towel rack over the toilet. I recently threw out all of my college house floor mats and replaced everything with white. White makes the bathroom look so much more crisp, clean and calm. I love it. 

But, the white gets dirty quickly. So I am constantly washing everything. I don't mind because it looks good. 

My most recent bathroom purchase is this liquid soap dispenser from Target. Did I need a new one? No. But am I glad I got it? Yes. Is that all that matters? Absolutely. 

 My shower curtain is a waffle white cotton cheap shower curtain from Kmart. But it does its job. Why buy something really expensive for the bathroom when you can save the money and buy something else for your apartment too. 

And I did just that. I also bought a new white floor mat from the Thomas O'Brien line at Target. I couldn't find the exact same one on their website but I did find it on Kaboodle. It is so soft I go into the bathroom sometimes just to stand on it. 

I also keep it on the side of the tub during the day just in case my precious little Angel sneaks into the bathroom and decides to chew it. 

The second most useful thing in my apartment is my double roll toilet paper older that hangs on the side of the toilet tank. How cool is this design. Before this I didn't even have a toilet paper holder. Yes, that is how small my bathroom is. But, some genius came up with this awesome design that works so well in my tiny bathroom. 

I purchased it at a small home furnishing boutique called Tiny Living. But, rumor says they have closed. You can also buy them online here

I am sure there are many more little updates to come as I explore this amazing city. I love my apartment and can't wait to see how it looks when it is finally complete.  By then, I'll probably be ready to move. I guess it never ends. But I'm glad. I have too much fun doing it! 

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  1. The place looks incredible! It all fits together quite nicely and one can tell it was well thought out. Great job!