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Friday, April 16, 2010

My Morning Thus Far

This morning I decided it would be a great idea for me to log onto my old gmail account. Yes, I have two. My first gmail account was attacked by spam and I could not handle it anymore. So I made a second gmail account which I use for my personal emails. My work email is now forwarded through my old gmail account to my iPhone. It all worked out in the end. 

I had not logged onto my old email account in months. I don't have to, I get everything on my phone. But my morning just hit a slow patch and I needed something to keep me occupied. 

While looking through and deleting emails I found a few personal emails saved on the very last page, behind 3,000 work emails. The subject to one of the emails I found was: My Morning Thus Far. I referred to this Hampton's trip in a previous blog: Summer is a Commin'. At the time I couldn't find the email to share. Well, I finally found it and I thought I should share because it is too funny not too...and yes I did type this long email with the teeny tiny keys on my old blackberry (RIP). 

My Morning Thus Far

So... I wake up nice and early and put on my cute new outfit. I couldn't help but stop at Banana Republic last night on my way home. Oh wait, Banana is not on my way home. I make it to the Jitney stop early, the bus arrives on time and I get on unlike some unlucky standbys. 

Everything is going as planned. That is until we are already on the highway and some elderly man starts yelling at the young girl sitting next to him. Now, I believe the yelling comes from the fact that he cannot hear very well, hints the hearing aides. Anyway, he makes so much commotion that everyone turns around. So, like everyone else in the front of the bus, I decide to take my headphones out of my ears and listen to this unpleasant yelling rather than my peaceful music from One Republic. Let me explain, this is happening in the seat directly behind me. 

Finally the stewardess comes over to ask what is wrong. The man explains that he has no leg room. By this time we are at another stop, the one by the movie theatre. They let a few more people on and finally every seat is full except one which is currently occupied by a dog. Yes you heard me, a dog. Next to that dog is this cute little elderly woman with pig tails. Yes, pig tails and they are on the sides of her head. 

There is one more passenger, a young man that is standing in the aisle and does not know what to do about this situation. The elderly woman and the dog, who are sitting directly behind the elderly yelling man, explain the dog cannot fit under the seat because the elderly mans seat is too far back. So, this young man stands in the aisle until the stewardess decides to come back. So the stewardess decides the most important thing is to get this young man seated and to do this she makes the elderly man put his seat up. 

So now he starts complaining about gas pains, he can't breathe, he has no leg room and he paid $30 for his seat which the stewardess replies everyone paid $30 for their seat. He is giving the stewardess such a hard time that so she goes to get the driver. The driver pulls the bus over and gets on his radio. At this time everyone is starting to get pissed and some very gay man decides to start yelling at the elderly man saying we all paid $30 and is being a silly bastard. 

So this sparks another yelling match. The elderly mans starts yelling at pig tail woman saying he is more important than her dog and she needs to switch seats with him to give him more room and the dog doesn't need to be on the bus. Meanwhile, while this Is all going down, the driver radios the cops saying we have a man with gas problems. Yes, the whole entire bus laughs.  

Now it is decided we have to wait for the cops and another Jitney. The cops to escort the man off and the Jitney to put him on. Well now he decides he is fine and he doesn't want to get on another Jitney because he is going all the way to East Hampton and he has time and everyone else is complaining they just want to get there so all in all the driver decides to start driving again a good 30 min later. What an eventful morning huh? Hope you are having a better morning than I am.

I will call you when I arrive in SH and I will need directions to get inside Goldsmith.

Ta ta,


Good thing I had this to look forward to when I got there! 

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