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Thursday, April 15, 2010

NYC AIDS Walk Benefit

Last night I went to an AIDS Walk Benefit Happy Hour some friends hosted.  They worked as the bartenders and serves and all the tips and proceeds went toward their AIDS Walk team, Lots A Fun

Charl worked behind the bar the entire time so I didn't really get to chat wit him. Hopefully he made a lot of tips. If you would like to help Charl raise money towards the AIDS Walk, please visit his page on the AIDS Walk website. You can do so by clicking on his name. 

The benefit was hosted at Honey in the Meat Packing District. It was great of them to let such a wonderful cause take over the bar/restaurant for the night. 

Craig and I had a good friend and old coworker visiting in town from LA. Yes, we lost another to LA. So sad. I had not seen Lorri in about two years when I was in LA visiting for a long weekend.  So, it was great to catch up and see her. Lorri, I miss you! Come back and visit soon and I promise a trip to LA is in my near future! 

If anyone is looking for an Interior Designer in LA check out Lorri Hicks Interior Design, LLC!! If anyone would like her contact information please let me know! (Update - I found out Lorri has a website so I added the link)

As everyone already knows, I love the exposed brick walls! 

We were starving and decided to stay for dinner. We snacked on some nachos and quesadilla and decided we were still hungry.  So, we took the fancy but fun route and went for the Classic Swiss Fondue! It was pretty good. The cheese was surrounded by a ton of vegetables and pita bread. Cheese is definitely filling! 


Honey is located on 14th Street between 7th Ave and 8th Ave on the North side of the street! Close to the ACE and L Trains.

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