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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TriBeCa Tuesdays

Last night I was introduced to three very cool bars in TriBeCa. They were that cool that I felt the need to share them with you.  I do plan on going back to all three sometime soon. Plus, like most things, they are within walking distance from my apartment. How convenient. 

 All of the bars pretty much had the same vibe: small, cozy, quiet, romantic, great music, great atmosphere, great design and great drinks. Which I guess pretty much sums up a classic New York City local bar. 

Anotheroom was the first stop to our long night. The pictures below don't do it justice because they seem to be taken during the day time. At night it is a much different vibe. Dark, cozy with great music. Kings of Leon circa 2005 was playing. I even had a beer. This is not a lie. 

There are two other bars in the City that are owned by the same people as Anotheroom.  The Room, which is in SoHo and I swear I've been to and The Otheroom in the West Village which I know I haven't been to. 

I love the small seating area outside which is perfect for New York City Spring and Summers. 

Anotheroom displays local artists work which are also for sale. 

I loved the metal bar, bar stools and the pendant lights. Along the other wall they have a high banquette which runs along the entire wall. Every few feet there are organically shaped metal tables.

Anotheroom is located on West Broadway and North Moore Street. 

Our second stop of the evening was Smith & Mills. Probably one of the coolest places I've been to in New York City. The design concept was different, interesting and homey. They also have food for lunch, dinner and late night. It looked pretty good too. I will be heading back soon to check it out. 

Smith & Mills is located on North Moore Street about two blocks from the water. 
I really have never ventured down in this area before and it was really cool.  I love checking out new areas of this city. 

I almost walked right past the door. How, as a designer, could I miss this door? It was awesome. 

We had a lot of fun people watching here. There was a group of twenty something women running around with Bratz crowns on. Interesting. Other than that the place was chill. 

I am pretty disappointed I didn't get a picture of the bathroom. Yes, I know this sounds odd but they have probably the coolest bathroom in New York City. I'll be back so I will snap a shot then! 

On to the final stop of the night, Ward III.  I have ventured around this area a few times.  When my parents were in town last October we considered eating here but ended up at Sazon which is a few doors down. 

The atmosphere at Ward III was very similar to Anotheroom. Unlike Anotheroom, Ward III has a fabulous cocktail list.  I tried The Singer. It was pretty tasty. I very much enjoyed the vibe and decor. 

It was cool to find new places that were "My Kind" of bars. I'm pretty picky but all three were awesome and I can't wait to go back. 

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  1. Fantastic blog- love this! I'm a HUGE fan of The Room and all the others. The Room was a block away from my first NYC apt, so obvious fan potential! The same owner also opened The Otheroom in Venice, CA on Abbott Kinney. You obviously need to make a trip to Cali to check it out;)